10 Day Yoga Challenge

What led up to our 10 day Yoga Challenge?  I love yoga, and usually attend a class once a week, in amongst an assortment of:  hiking up mountains, walking on the beach, doing a weight program at gym, playing tennis and so much more.

But, don’t be fooled, if  I am lucky, I get to exercise 3 times a week, so all of the fore said, is extremely sporadic.  Kerri-Lee is a yoga instructor, and she attends a yoga class most days.  Since she began her yoga practice, her body has transformed radically, and she is not only extremely healthy, but slim, trim and perfectly toned.  This was part of my motivation, to get into shape.  I also thought that I would discipline myself, to exercise most days, if I had a set program to follow.  I challenged Sammy to the 10 days of yoga, and since she is always up for a challenge, she accepted immediately.

imagesThe day before we began, we downloaded a yoga app, which has various routines and background music.For more info on Daily Yoga Apps, email.   We then stretched for an hour or so, to limber up. Some of my goals for of our 10 day yoga challenge were: –

  • Eat healthily
  • Lose a bit of belly fat
  • No alcohol during the week
  • Feel mentally alert
  • Sleep better
  • Be headache free
  • Firm and tone
  • Be positive
  • Be more supple
  • Motivation to exercise daily
  • Be excited about life
  • Be serene ( I have been reading the Serenity Prayer, every evening, and I recommend that everyone does this.)


Day 1.  We went to the new yoga studio down the road, signed up, and committed to a min of 10 sessions.  After this, we began our 1st day, with a hot yoga class.  Prior to leaving we had fruit for breakfast, and warm lemon water.   The class was amazing, and was taken by Ryan, our favourite instructor.  We left feeling warm, loosened up and exhilerated.  We were extremely motivated for our next 9 days.

Day 2.  Saturday, and we slept in a little, before doing our session at home.  Thank goodness for our downloaded application.  Once the music was on, and our chosen routine had started, we were well on our way.  By now, I was making us a big flask of hot water, (into which I put sliced lemons) daily.  The yoga routines on the ipad are easy to follow, as one can view it, while listening to instructions.

Day 3. We did it at home again, as it was a Sunday, and there was no yoga class on at the studio.  Once again, we were swept away with the music and the routines, and loved our sessions.  We felt relaxed and healthy, and ready for a funday.  Apart from drinking loads of water, we had forgotten to plan an eating program. Hence, we had a full binge, with eating too much chocolate, and drinking too much wine.  The plan was from here onwards to eat healthily as well.

Day 4.  We decided for a change to try an evening class, as we always exercise in the mornings.  It was hot yoga, and so although it is Winter at the moment, it was lovely and cosy in the studio.  It was a wonderful class, and stretched us to our limits.  When we left we were warm and relaxed, and I had the best night’s sleep that I had had in a long time. I still prefer exercising in the mornings, as I am a lot more tired at the end of the day, and would rather relax with a lovely dinner, and a glass of wine.

By day 5, I realised that I had not had a headache for a few days, which these days is extremely unusual for me, as I sometimes suffer with them daily.  We set off to the gym, and coincidently, it was the same instructor.  We did the same routine as we had done the night before, but this time it was not hot yoga.  I prefer hot yoga, as it loosens up my muscles and I can stretch a lot further in the yoga poses.  In winter it is also a lot more enticing knowing that we are going to be working out in a warm room.3yoga

On day 6, we had a bit of a hiccup, as we arrived at the studio in time, but forsome reason it was locked.  We had to rush home again, and do our workout with our app on our ipad.  Woooooh, I was so stiff, and so was Sammy, so I didnt feel too bad.  I thought for a minute it was my old age setting in, buy I was determined to see my session through, and push through the discomfort.  I felt great afterwards, and ready for our busy day ahead.

Day 7.   Before, I began this challenge, I had been experiencing some pain in my hip joint, legs and buttocks.  I had been doing a lot of sand dune walking the week before, so thought that I was stiff, and that the yoga would be good for stretching it out.  I woke up to the most terrible pain, and numb leg, so rushed off the the chiropractor. Where she turned my hip into a pin cushion with needling.  The pain was excruciating, and she told me to go home, and rest for the next 24 hours with a hot pack on the inflammed area.  I left disappointed, as I would have to miss a day of my yoga challenge.  But, like all things in life, it is important to stay positive, make a plan and look on the bright side.  Missing one day, was not going to make me a failure.  I then decided that I would, still do 10 days, by adding another day to the end.

Day 8.  I decided to do a Nia dancing class instead of yoga.  It was a refreshing change, and I loved it.  and I used my Soothing Sportz Bag

Day 9. I did an hour and half class today.  Really pushed myself to my limits physically, mentally and emotionally, which is what yoga is for.  I loved every minute of it.

Day 10. We were back at the Yoga session at the gym ,  The chiropractor told me that the yoga was doing wonders for my neck and back.   I knew afterwards that yoga would not be just a 10 day bootcamp for me, and that I was enjoying it so much, that I was going to make it a lot more part of my life.

Pool Poncho Towel640I can honestly say that I am loving my practice more than ever.  I am going to a yoga class on average between 3 to 5 times a week.  On some days I am feeling more supple, and on others days very stiff.   Yoga and I are a work in progress.  I would highly recommend this 10 day challenge to everyone

The results that I have had are

  • More supple ( I can finally touch my toes with ease, and put my heels on the floor in a dog stretch)
  • I am loving the bonding time that Sammy and I spend together.
  • I have fewer headaches, and on some days, I am headache free.
  • I am motivated to exercise daily
  • I have firmed up
  • I have been drinking far more water (still warm with lemon and loving it)
  • I am eating healthier
  • I have been taking my vitamins regularly
  • Feeling a lot calmer and more relaxed generally.

These challenges are still ahead of me, so if anyone out there has any tips, please let me know.

  • I have not lost any weight.
  • I am still struggling with a stiff neck and shoulders.
  • I have the odd days of no alcohol, but really love a glass or 2 of light wine when I cook at night.
  • I still have the odd chocolate or fudge binge.

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3 responses to “10 Day Yoga Challenge”

  1. Sal Avatar

    Oh wow id so love to try this challenge..i don’t think im flexible enough!

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thanks for the comment Sal. I’m not especially flexible but yoga will massively help you with that. Maybe try a few simple classes to begin with until you’re gradually ready for the 10 day challenge.

      1. Trish Taylor Avatar

        HI Sal, one of the greatest things about yoga is that it makes us more flexible. And the saying goes that “we are only as old as our spines.” I could not touch my toes before my yoga bootcamp, and now I can touch them with ease. Please let us know how you do.

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