10 Easy Steps To Grow Microgreens At Home

Microgreens are  a wonderful easy way to include healthy, tasty greens in your diet all year round. They are simple, and take up a minimal amount of time and space for quick and nutritious rewards. And today, I’ll show you how to grow them.

What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are simply greens, lettuces and herbs that are harvested when they are quite young. Many specialty stores now stock a range that are ready to toss into salads or enjoy on your gourmet sarmies. Also, high class restaurants, not to be outdone, are also serving them up as an artisan offering or part of a gourmet meal.

Furthermore, microgreens are packed with flavour, are sweet, tender and oh, so delicious. In addition, Chefs know this and use it to best effect in some of their most outstanding creations.

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These quick tips that will help you to produce your own microgreens at a fraction of the cost of those store bought.

  1. Micro greens are basically densely grown seedlings that are cut at the four / six leaf stage.
  2. Bright light is an important requirement for healthy, tasty micro-greens.
  3. Small pots or shallow trays with drainage holes are important. (Recycled Styrofoam  trays are a great option as you can just toss them when you are done.)
  4. Fill with a good germination or seedling mix.
  5. Soak the seed for 2-4 hrs.
  6. Thoroughly moisten the soil and lightly sprinkle your microgreens seed of choice into the mix and cover lightly.
  7. Germination takes 3-6 days and then another 10-14 days to harvest.
  8. Cut them when they are less than 6cm tall and have more than 4 true leaves.
  9. Set up successive trays for a continued harvest.
  10. It really is that simple.

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