10 Emotions To Pack For Travelling

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” Antoine de St. Exupery. By this he means, emotionally light.


There are many positive emotions that we need to pack up inside us, to really enjoy our travels. Whether it is a Sunday outing, a backpacking trip, or a regular holiday, we will enjoy the experience so much more. So often we travel, and come home disappointed, when we should rather come home inspired, happy & well rested. Over the years of travelling, I have learnt that the emotions that I pack, are far more important thank my belongings.

Love. We must always be connected to our hearts, and love, love, love everything and everybody. Love is the only universal language.

Patience. Travelling takes time, and whether we are travelling on the local train, or flying first class, we need patience. It is always best to leave slightly early, to avoid any stressful rushes, and no matter how long the journey takes, remain patient.

Resilience. Things hardly ever turn out as planned, and the highs are always a joy, but the lows can be tough. The best way to overcome them, is to remain resilient, and no matter what make sure that we have the ability to bounce back.

Compassion. Often we see, or meet people that are worse off than us. Pity helps no one, but real compassion and caring can go a long way.

Appreciation. We often need to appreciate our situations, or surroundings, as they are simply amazing. But, when we have bad experiences, it gives us the opportunity to appreciate what we have back home.

Happiness. No matter where we travel, or what we do, we are blessed to be able to do it. Remaining happy is heavenly.


Kindness. I do believe that the way we treat others, is the way they will treat us. If we are kind, we will be treated with kindness.

Courage. “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

Exhilaration. When travelling we are so much more open to experiencing things, and we often end up doing things way out of our box. It is exhilarating to try something new and exciting.

Excitement. After all the planning & organizing, the excitement begins to well up inside us, and there is no greater feeling.

Other emotions we can pack inside us, and carry, are: anticipation, amazement, joy and a sense of belonging, whatever we do, we must do our best to not carry: guilt, irritability, anger, fear, disgust. Loneliness or sadness.

Please share your ideas with us, so as we can all help to inspire others.

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