20 Reasons To Hire A Life Coach

Life Coach

We are completely dedicated to training people to become life coaches.

Our mission is to bring greater personal freedom, self confidence and growth to people from all walks of life and we make no bones about the fact that we like to do that, vicariously, through the wonderful efforts of the people we train.

There’s no question that good life coaches are rather special people as they are devoted to helping others to be do and have more.

But many life coaches, too modest to embrace marketing tactics that would seem in any way ‘in your face’ are inclined to hide their bright lights under the proverbial bushels!

So today, as a service to them, I’d like to offer you 20 great reasons why you should consider hiring a life coach (or better still, train to become one yourself!)

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”
– Timothy Gallwey

With the help of a good life coach a person is likely to get to experience:

More of Life

1. A life coach works with clients on all areas of their lives, helping them to integrate into their lives what works for them, and jettison what doesn’t.

2. A life coach helps clients set goals that align with their true values, not others’ expectations. No ‘shoulds’, ‘coulds’ or ‘ought tos’ are tolerated!

3. A life coach expects and helps clients to invest in increasing the quality and depth of their life experiences and holds them accountable for achieving these aims.

4. Through life coaching clients gain new insights and perspectives.

More Money

5. Most clients report that they make and save more money during and after being coached than before. When clients focus on prioritising the work that they love to do, that increases their drive and self-worth and the probability of making more from doing what they do.

6. A life coach helps clients to do what’s important to achieve their goals. This often includes identifying new ways to earn more money and focus their spending more effectively on what’s really important to them.

More of a Network and Community

7. Personal and professional success comes much more easily when clients create strong and diverse networks to give them assistance, knowledge, connections and support. The life coach works with clients on plans to attract high quality people and opportunities into their lives.

8. The life coach also helps strengthen clients’ relationships with people in the networks and communities they already know.Life Coach

Better Decisions

9. Coaching involves plenty of discussion about the clients’ ideas and concerns. The thoroughly caring yet independent, objective approach of the life coach will usually encourage them to make decisions that are more effective, relevant and empowering.

10. Having a mirror always helps. Winners are always willing to hold themselves up to scrutiny and accept feedback and suggestions from others. A life coach is there to ‘hold up the mirror’ to their clients and help identify ‘blind spots’ in the clients’ perceptions of the world that, when removed, allow for far greater understanding and success.

Faster Development

11. A life coach can, very quickly and powerfully, increase clients’ rates of personal development and growth.

12. The life coach can help clients ‘zero in’ on the ‘blocks’ or obstacles that are holding back their development and deal with them so the clients can move forward, focusing on those things that are truly important to the future they want to create.

13. Life coaches assist clients to find a level of clarity and purpose in their lives that they would find difficult to achieve alone.

Specific Areas of Focus

14. Life coaches can be found for just about any area of human endeavour or challenge in which a need for coaching exists (e.g. business start-up, relationships, leadership, retirement, a new career, health and wellness, divorce, a spiritual quest, etc.) As a relatively new profession, life coaching is building an evolving body of experience and knowledge that is growing in specialisation.

Life Coach
Increase Confidence

More Confidence, Influence and Creativity

15. A life coach helps clients extend their boundaries beyond a level of ‘comfortable’ experience – increasing their confidence and capacity to handle a variety of situations.

16. A life coach can help clients to raise their rapport building and communication skills significantly, enabling them to better understand, accept and influence those around them.

17. When clients are working on goals that express their values, they are open to more creative and innovative ways to achieve those goals.

More Drive to Get There

18. Life coaches practise generous and active listening – and through this are able to tailor development strategies – to suit their clients’ individual needs and lives.

19. Because all human beings are unique and need recognition, having a life coach (rather than a book, a DVD or other non-human form of support) makes clients feel more cherished, respected and listened to.

20. Life coaches hold clients accountable for achieving their goals. It’s not simply a case of reading a motivational book and then placing it back on the shelf. Coaches are trained not to accept mediocrity from clients but to get the best out of them!

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2 responses to “20 Reasons To Hire A Life Coach”

  1. carolyn Avatar

    I started my own life coaching company just under five years ago (Strive and Achieve) after getting my qualifications and I can only say all these points are totally right plus more. If you feel like you have an imbalance in your life somewhere, having a life coach can bring balance and calm.


    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Carolyn, I know of so many people that are benefitting from Life Coaching these days. You are welcome to email us your contact details, so that we can refer people to you, if we have any more enquiries. info@liferetreat.co.za

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