5 Bra must-haves to feel sexy under your winter layers

Just because it’s still that season where you are wearing a million layers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t feel sexy underneath! And with the perfectly fitted bra you can feel good and look elegant in any winter outfit.  So where do you begin?  Not to worry, the dedicated bra specialists from Pandora Bra Studio have created a guide to help you choose the bra which is the best suited for your key winter wardrobe staples.

#1 The Large, comfy knit 

5618 chNext to staying snug, the best thing about a thick knit is that you get to absolutely indulge in some luxurious lingerie options. And with a professionally fitted bra, you get to create definition which achieves a slenderer appearance at the same time.
“A bra that has a pre-formed shape offers the perfect pampering comfort and support,” says Mo Thoka, professional brassiere expert at Pandora Bra Studio.  “Pre-formed bras are moulded to keep the same shape both on and off your body,” explains Mo. This creates a contoured silhouette where the breasts lift, giving your waist added definition – an ideal effect to rocking a chunky top without adding any additional bulk to the outfit.
If you are looking to give your mood a little boost, then you can go for a shaping bra with a romantic embroidered detail on the tulle of the cup as well as on the strap area.
Another great choice if you want a bra with more support, is a lace bra with a 3-section cup (made of 3 panels, joined by seams), for a centring and uplifted look, to produce a slimming effect on either side of your jersey.  

#2 The Light Sweater

Winter materials of cashmere and wool provide the perfect opportunity to wear a lace or brightly coloured bra, without the detail being visible through the garment.  “On a bleak winter’s morning, the fact that you’re dressed in a hot pink bra can instantly lift your mood!” adds Mo.
To help your sweater show off a great neckline and perfectly rounded shape, choose a bra with a pre-formed shape and highly elastic neckline which can easily and perfectly adapt to your décolleté.  Additionally, it is a good idea to choose a neckline with a decorative edge (such as floral embroidery) so that if your bra does happen to peep through when you bend down, then it can take on a camisole-like effect, adding a sexy edge to your overall look and style.

#3 V or Cowl Neck and low cut sweaters

5439_1311_006_bis_06_2017__A03__0034When it comes to a low cut sweater, a sweetheart neckline is often the best option, together with soft and seamless cups to accentuate your décolleté.   This is a real win, giving you a combination of confidence-boosting support combined with a dropped neckline to accommodate the lower cut of these sweaters. Go for bra straps that centre along the shoulder line, providing support and preventing them from slipping down.
“If you are wanting a shaped bra with extra strong support, choose a bra that has a 3 or 4 section cup (top panel + 2 bottom panels all joined by seams) or (1 panel at top, 3 at bottom, all joined by seams), respectively.  This provides a stabilizing effect which is still sufficiently flexible so that your bra adjusts to your movements while wearing it, ensuring a natural and attractive breast shape right through to a cup size H.

#4 Figure hugging winter wear 

“As with most snug fitting garments, you are going to want to stay away from bras with seams and lace,” says Mo.  “Rather opt to wear a bra that is smooth and lifts your breasts in order to define your waist.” 
Moulded bras are great for figure hugging garments, like knitted dresses, as they come with pre-formed contours, lifting breasts more naturally, giving a symmetrical effect together with a lovely rounded shape.
Tight clothing doesn’t necessarily rule out the fact that you can’t still enjoy a beautiful trendy contour bra with floral embroidery along the straps.  This decoration combined with a smooth and seamless finish of the cup can still create a sculptured silhouette under tight-fitting clothes.
For the bountifully blessed bust, it’s best to wear a minimiser bra to enjoy support and a great shape.  With padded straps to pamper your shoulders, a properly fitted minimizer bra will reduce your bust one full cup size, improving the look and fit of your clothes, making you feel great.

#5 The cut-out and off the shoulder sweater

One of this season’s top trans-seasonal pieces is the cut-out sweater, perfect for flashing just a hint of skin.  
“For this look, we would recommend a strapless multi-way bra.  This provides ultimate flexibility with straps that can be positioned for nearly every top shape; from strapless to halter neck – any strap variation is possible. Stay-up silicone strips provide the underwire bra with optimum support and staves on each side guarantee best stability so that you get to confidently rock this look.
With these five guides you can create the essential foundation needed to enjoy a sexy look under your winter layers which enhances your style and provides optimal breast support.  “Having a beautiful bra is key to feeling good.  In fact, matching the correctly fitted bra style with your clothing can make all the difference to your look and even your posture, giving a smooth, sophistication on the outside, while boosting your confidence, so that you get to feel good on the inside too,” concludes Mo.
For over 20 years, Pandora Bra Studio has been the leading expert in assisting women to find their perfect fit.  Known for understanding the impact of looking and feeling good, the bra company specialises in providing a physical and psychological solution through a professional personalised service in which each woman is matched with the best style and fit to enhance and optimise her shape and contours.
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