Four Tips For Responsible Drinking On New Year’s Eve

Responsible Drinking On New Year's Eve

If you’re reading this, you probably enjoy guzzling on New Year’s Eve. Well, it’s ok to give those bad habits a proper send off just before your New Year’s resolutions kick in.

However, if you want to have easier New Year’s morning, we have a few tips that will help.



Eat before you drink

According to research, eating before drinking helps reduce alcohol’s cognitive effects while intoxicated.  There’s some evidence that suggests that asparagus can help metabolize alcohol, however, your first bathroom trip after dinner may not provide the best fun-going impression. Also, to alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water to ensure that you make it to midnight.

Prepare your hangover cures

According to a team of Chinese researchers, drinking a bottle of sprite before you go to bed can help you feel better in the morning. They found that sprite helps promote the breakdown of a byproduct of alcohol called acetaldehyde, than causes vomiting, nausea and headaches. So, leave a bottle by by your bedside table with a tall glass of water you’ll drink in the morning to cure dehydration.

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Plan before you stop thinking

Before you head out, ensure you have made plans for how to get home safely. You could get separated from friends so, have a back up plan in case this happens.Furthermore, ensure someone knows where you are even if it’s only by sending a quick message. It’a also important to never separate yourself from your keys. They may not be safe in your pocket or purse. You could lose them during the hustle and bustle of the evening due to intoxication or to thieves. Keep them safe or risk sleeping outside.

Know when the party is over

All good things do eventually come to an end. If you spend the next few days overindulging, give your body a chance to recover by treating it to some alcohol-free days. If you’re concerned about the amount you’re drinking or are unable to control cravings, talk to a loved one or a doctor, or contact Alcoholics Anonymous on their National Helpline: 0861 HELP AA (435-722)

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