8 Of The Best Packing Tips

Packing Tips

8 Packing Tips

Okay, so I know that I am probably the wrong person, to be giving anyone packing tips. I usually leave home slightly overweight (my suitcase that is), and come home extremely overweight.


But , I do have a couple of tips, as to what things are invaluable, and should never be left behind

1). Blanket shawl has many uses. Can be thrown over any outfit to keep one warm, while still looking stylish. Doubles up as a dressing gown, if need be. They are the best blankets, for long waits at airports, or on cold nights over ones bed linen.

Packing Tips
Make sure you take a pillow

2). Traveling pillow. Best for resting one’s head on all flights, or other transport, whether reading or sleeping. Great neck support when used over bed pillows that are not comfy. Take the traveling time to get cat naps.

3). Sneakers, that can double up for walking, and going out in (not white). As, these can literally take you from day to evening wear with no fuss. Plus, the bonus is, pure comfort.

4). A swimming costume. Summer or winter, you never know when you may need it. And, no one wants to miss out on the fun of swimming in a river, relaxing in a warm jacuzzi, or soaking in hot springs.

5). A big pack of nuts and raisins. Can be eaten for any meal, and are full of nutrients. A back up plan is often needed when food is not to your taste, or meals are skipped.

6). Sunblock. I always carry a small one in my bag. Not only, does it prevent me from burning, but it triples up as lip balm and hand lotion if need be.

Packing Tips
Make a packing list

7). Cell phone and charger. Most places have free wi if now days. And, our phones enable us to message our loved ones, and work on the internet if need be. All free of “charge”.

8). Packing list. I keep a basic list on my computer, and if my family are traveling with me, I print it out for them to.

This way we seldom leave anything that we need behind. It also enables me to pack quickly, if need be.


Finally: Travel light. I am the world’s worst packer, and have still not learnt to do this. I usually pack a couple of days before leaving to go anywhere. I start off with the very basics, and over time add more and more stuff, just I case I need it. I always live to regret this, as I often end up lugging a heavy suitcase, and loads of hand luggage up stairs, and all over the show. I never ever end up using even half of my stuff.

Packing Tips
It’s hard to pack light!

If anyone has any packing tips for me, I would be delighted. Please comment below.

Article written by Trish, for Life Retreat.

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Author:  Trish Taylor





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    Useful tips, thanks for sharing this !

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      Glad you like it! Thank you for your comment!

  2. Trish Taylor Avatar

    From now onwards, I am packing light #packing #tips #travelling

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