8 Tips To Cure Problem Skin For Youngsters

Problem Skin

Skin care really applies to most of us throughout our lives. With our 4 children, we went through many years, off and on, battling with pimples, and acne. My aim was to avoid putting our kids onto strong medications, which have a string of side effects. Although, with this said and done, sometimes it really does seem to be the only solution.

Whenever I look for a cure, or a solution to any health and beauty problem, I like to focus, on a combination of mind, body medicine. I do believe that our bodies are affected by our minds, and souls, and vice versa.

Remember, that our Skins are a Reflection of Our Inner Body & Mind.

Far too many teenagers are using Prescription medicine, in the hopes of clearing up their skins, but these medications often lead to long term damage of the internal organs, & as soon as they are off the medication the pimples reappear.

The only long term cure is a healthy lifestyle, as underlined below. If you do go onto prescription medicine, most of the below works hand in hand with it. I also advise you to see a specialist, and attempt to stay on the lowest possible dosages.


– Avoid: Spicy & Greasy Foods. Coffee, and all caffeinated & carbonated drinks. Refined sugars, which are

Problem Skin
The inner workings of the skin

empty calories, that gives you a quick boost and then an emotional low. All of the above deplete the body of minerals, & force toxins to the skin’s surface, in the form of pimples & acne. All these foods have the added detriment of leading to unnecessary weight gain, and mood fluctuations.

– Great food for good skin: Fresh Fruit & Veggies, specifically those containing potassium i.e. bananas, watercress, dried fruit & green peppers. Whole-grain & fiber rich foods, which help to evacuate toxins in the body. When cooking, focus on steaming, and grilling rather than frying.

– A great health tip is to start the day, is with a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon in it. Then eat fruit, before eating anything else. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day – some of these can be taken in the form of herbal teas.

– A diet high in vitamins & mineral and low in fat, helps keep the blood clean, and prevents clogging of the arteries. It is good for circulation, and is nourishing, and beneficial with weight control. It keeps the body & face looking young alive, and charged with energy. It, also contributes to the radiant, fresh and magnetic look of a healthy positive person.


They must never be seen as a substitute for a good diet, but rather as health enhancement. The following are recommended: A multi vitamin with iron, preferably 1 suitable for your age, and sex.

Vitamin B complex – which helps with preventing skin eruptions & blackheads and it can help to heal the skin (an added bonus is that the B vitamins are anti-aging).

Vitamin C, is an anti oxidant, and helps with collagen synthesis (Vit C has the added bonus of helping fight against colds on winter). Omega 3 oils, reduce inflammations, and keep skin supple.


Some form of exercise should be taken daily – even if it is as walk around the block a couple of times. A few deep breaths every morning and evening, to oxygenate the lungs is also very beneficial.

Ideally we should all be doing a minimum of 4 to 6 hours of exercise per week. This should include a variety of cardio, weight bearing exercises, and stretching. Not only is exercise good for our skins, but it is essential for our bodies, and minds.


Problem Skin
Strive for that healthy lifestyle!

– Focus on Being


Full of vitality




– Avoid being





If you are feeling any negative emotions, then chamomile tea with honey is very calming, & so is a brisk walk, or a shoulder stand.


– Soap dries out the skin – so always use a creamy cleanser

– A great natural toner to use after cleansing is to mix 50% rosewater with 50% witchhazel. & wipe it over your face with cotton wool.

– Moisturize with a moisturiser specifically for problem skins. Other products are too harsh & can cause damage. Always pat on moisturizers, and be careful not to pull the skin around the eye area.

– Aloe vera gel is excellent for pimples and can be dabbed on, after your skin care routine

Once a week you should steam your face, & add some slices of lemon in the water. This is also excellent for clearing your sinuses. Follow this with either a clay mask, or putting plain Greek yogurt over your skin. Leave on for 10 minutes & then rinse off.

Then do a face massage using jojoba, or coconut oil, and finally, lay back & relax. Imagine a blue light passing though your body, to relieve all your tensions, & transporting you to a place where there are loving family & friends, soft colours, safety & comfort.

Once a week, but no more, it is beneficial to use a face scrub, or mask. But, always make sure that it is specific to your skin problem.

Save up, and treat yourself to a facial once a month. It is well worth the time & money.


Add the following to you bath – 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and add 3 drops of each of the following oils – chamomile & lavender & tea tree. Relax & breathe in the aromas – you can also use this mix as a foot massages oil.


Only wear it when necessary. If possible avoid using base, & face powders completely, as these block your pores, & your skin needs to breath in order to heal & stay clear.

Always remember that youth is beautiful. If no one wears makeup to school etc, then there will be no peer pressure for others to wear it, so encourage others to do the same.


It goes without saying that alcohol, and cigarettes are bad for you skin, and body. If you have problem skin these should be avoided completely.

“Life is a mirror,

If you frown at it,

It frowns back.

If you smile,

It returns the greeting.”


Article written by Trish for Life Retreat

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Problem Skin
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