Aloe Ferox – Change The Way You Think About Wellness & Skincare


For hundreds of years the aloe plant has been known for its amazing properties. The soothing and rejuvenating qualities of the aloe are what make these products so popular.

A well researched method of utilizing the whole leaf of the aloe and not only the white inner gel makes Aloe Ferox products unique.

Today this knowledge has been harnessed into a range of Wellness and Skin care products that are created from this “lily of the desert”.

The aloe Ferox bitter sap is harvested in the field by free lance harvesters.
The Plants grow wild and no pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers are used. When the leaves are harvested, the plant is not harmed or destroyed and the cycle of growth begins again from the original plant.

Aloe Ferox is a family owned business that strives to provide high-quality affordable products. As members of the Society for Cosmetic Chemists and the International Federation for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and founder members of the South African Aloe Council, we strive to maintain the highest manufacturing standards while never losing touch with our family of agents and clients.

Have a look at some of their best-selling products:

Tissue Oil: Click Here

Super Aloe Gel: Click Here

Shaving Lotion: Click Here






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  1. Trish Avatar

    I love the Aloe Body Scrub – what a brilliant product, at such an affordable price.

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