Amazing Uses For Epsom Salt In And Around The House

epson salt uses in house

Epsom salt is known for its health and beauty benefits and normally added to the bath to help you relax and unwind from a stressful day. However, Epsom salt can also be used in various other ways inside and outside of the house, here are some great uses you have to try:



  1. Clean bathroom tiles – Mix equal parts Epsom salt and liquid dish detergent and use as a scrub on bathroom tile.
  2. Prevent slugs – Sprinkle Epsom salt on or near interior entry points to prevent slugs.
  3. As a hand wash – Mix Epsom salt with baby oil and keep by the sink for an effective hand wash.
  4. Clean detergent build-up on washing machines – Fill the machine tub with hot water, add Epsom salt, and run an agitate/soak/agitate cycle to dissolve detergent build-up (please consult your machine’s instruction manual for specific instructions).


  1. Fertilize your houseplants – Most plants need nutrients like magnesium and sulfur to stay in good health and Epsom salt makes the primary nutrients in most plant foods (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) more effective. Sprinkle Epsom salt once weekly to help nourish your houseplants, flowers and vegetables.
  2. Keep your lawn green – Magnesium Sulphate crystals, when added to the soil, provide vital nutrients that help prevent yellowing leaves and the loss of green color (magnesium is an essential element in the chlorophyll molecule) in plants. Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and sprinkle on your lawn to keep the grass healthy and green.
  3. Insecticide spray – Use Epson salts on your lawn and in your garden to safely and naturally get rid of plant pests.






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  1. Hailey Avatar

    thankyou for the tips.

    1. Lynette Avatar

      Thank you for reading Hailey and for your feedback. Please let us know if you perhaps have any other tips of your own as well.

    2. Trish Avatar

      Hailey, it is a pleasure
      We always keep a bucket of Epson Salts in the house to use for our detox baths, and around the house.
      Epsom Salts can be purchased at extremely reasonable prices on our online shop
      And as a special treat, I highly recommend the Epsom Salts Lavender Bath Salts

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