An Enchanted Getaway to Planet X

So i posed the questions of whether i should share some beautiful discoveries along my journey, and for those of you whom follow me on Instagram, said yes 🙂 
This may be a spot more familiar to the Cape Town market, but i can assure you, that if you are not from CT or South Africa, it is worth travelling to for the experience. 

After a challenging year of so much change, activity, hustle and bustle, I thought the best way to indulge in my holiday experience was to find a place as far out from the city craziness as I could, and on my search, I managed to find a whole new planet of its own… An Enchanted Getaway…


If you have not heard of Planet Xancara, it is probably because this exquisite retreat like destination is totally hidden. I had heard of this mysterious gem through friends of friends, and after seeing pictures, I was sure that this was where I wanted to getaway and free my mind to end off the year.

Our Journey

Two hours out of Cape Town, no sign posts and with some vague directions, we eventually arrived at a farm in Elands Bay, where we were directed to park our car while waiting for our ride up. All signal had cut out by this stage, so I had already started experiencing the excitement of the absolute unknown.

A lovely man kindly welcomed us and packed our luggage into a small trailer at the back of a quad bike ? Yes, this was our rustic ride. After a few bumps and turns up the barren mountain, the dust began to settle and through the haze was something I can barely explain in words, but I think an oasis would be best described.

Planet Xancara, is something from the Flintstones, beautiful structures built into the rock high up on the mountain, views that make you melt, chill zones for days, hammocks, crystal blue pools, beautiful beats in the background and the list goes on.

We cracked open an ice-cold beer, and took a moment to soak it all in.


The tent setups were absolutely luxurious. I felt like a desert goddess, waking up on the beautiful elevated bed with drapes lightly blowing in the breeze, wooden floors with Persian styled carpets and best of all being totally engulfed by nature. Each tent set up is quite a distance from each other, so it is wonderful to sleep with the blinds down where you can star gaze yourself to sleep, and wake up with the warm African sunrise.

The bathroom facilities are all located with open roofs, big outdoor showers, where you can look up into the sky and feel the sensations of freedom. We so rarely have the opportunity to feel the fresh air on our skin and bare feet grounded to the earth.


With all or meals included, I remained open-minded about what we may be eating in the middle the deserted mountains, but let me tell you, the cuisine was some of the best I have ever had! EVER. The minimalist styled kitchen is set up with a clay fired oven and a table that runs through the middle, where all the guests gather to eat together.

Our first meal served was a fresh crayfish and calamariThaii styled combo, berry salad and turmeric veggie rice, paired with a white wine.

So although I would love to take you through each meal we experienced, there are just too many beautiful ingredients to list and there is no harm in leaving some mystery to your pallet, but to give you an idea, for three days we ate fresh salads and herbs, tender locally sourced meat, fresh seafood, buffet breakfasts and so on…

Things To Do

Planet Xancara is really designed in such a way for you to determine your own experience. The relaxed environment hosts unlimited lookout points to star gaze or enjoy the sunset views. You can take a walk up to the dam or any nature walk of your choice for that matter. Be sure to keep a look out for the ancient rock paintings, that still remain after thousands of years.

One can combine their stay with a festive evening of incredible music, dancing under the moonlight, to perhaps wanting some tranquil time alone.  Whether you want a place to dance and let go or a place to retreat and be still, I promise you that Planet Xancara lends itself to you in the perfect way that you need it to be.

Why I Am Sharing My Story

You are probably wondering why I would share information about such an untouched discovery. Truth be told, I would love to keep this secret to myself, but the beauty is too special not to share.

I believe that in a world of chaos and drama, it is only fair to share the findings of spaces that allow beings to reconnect. This space allowed me to tune, and no matter how many people may know of Planet Xancara, it will always remain totally secluded and personal to each person’s experience.

I am so grateful I had some time there and I will be returning as often as my time allows me to do so. I will be planning a Yoga Retreat this year, 2018, to bring more beautiful people together to shift, grow and reconnect, in a way that like I said, my words can hardly explain…

You will just have to see for yourself…..

Retreat Inquiries 

Kerri-lee: 078 247 8751 (Whatsapp Only)

Learn more about Planet Xancara on Instagram: @planetxancara

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  1. Anneli Smit Avatar

    Goeiedag, is julle pragtige plek slegs vir oornag besoekers of ook vir dagbesoek ingerig?

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Hi Anneli, Please email for more information.

  2. Eric Urassa Avatar

    Great post.Thank you for sharing.Me and my team will visit soon.After all hard working we deserve this great moment

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Eric
      That would be amazing
      Please come and visit us soon
      Take Care

    2. Trish Avatar

      HI Eric
      If you are ever interested we run amazing Corporate Events and Experiences for teams
      You are welcome to email us on for more info

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