Angel Message for Today

Angel Merlina’s Message for Today:   “Listen to all the ideas you receive, and you’ll know intuitively how to get clarity.”

I thought today that I would draw us an Angel card, to give us guidance, clarity and wisdom.  At home we often do Angel card readings, or draw an Angel card.  Whenever we do this, somehow our answers come to us, and we feel much more certain about, decisions we need to make, or paths we need to take.  I have just arrived back exhausted from travelling, and when I drew the card, I focused on which Angel message for guide me and our readers.  The Angel that I picked, is Angel Merlina.


Angel Merlina

We often draw Merlina the Angel card, when we are confused and indecisive.  You have many options ahead of you, which are contributing to your unfocused mind right now, and you feel as if you are chasing your own tail. You probably have a clear idea where you should be focusing, but it is easy to get caught up in other ideas and projects,  and to get sidetracked. This indecisiveness is exhausting you. The reason why you are confused, is that you do not have enough information to make an informed decision. Your choices appear too similar right now.  It is essential to do a lot more research, and this way your decisions will be a lot easier.

First, begin by asking God and the Angels to enter your dreams, and give you more information. Ask Angel Merlina to help you focus on what really is important to you. The Angels are always happy to assist you in your priority lists. Ask her to encourage you, and keep an open mind. The Angel messages that you receive will always come with unconditional love. Listen to these ideas that you receive, and you will know how to get clarity.  Then, ask your feelings to give you guidance. This means imagining what it would feel like to make this decision. Then, imagine what it would feel like to make the other choice. Go deep within, and notice how your body reacts as you try on the different options. If your gut or jaw tightens, this is a sign that something isn’t right. If your heart flutters with warmth, this is a sign that you are on the right path. Before making your final decision, seek the counsel of wise friends and teachers whose experience and intuition can guide you.


It is very important ask God and the Angels to guide you daily, and fill you with Divine wisdom.  If we all do this on an ongoing basis, we can’t fail.

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