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Last year, I posted an Angel Message for Today.  Our whole family love doing Angel card readings, as they are always positive and inspiring.  So I thought since it is the beginning of a new year, it would be a good time to read another Angel message for us.

I have found this amazing website, called Angel Messenger.  Basically, you get Free Angel readings, by clicking on it. They are really detailed, and beautifully set out.

I have just picked a reading now, for Life Retreat.  The reading I have chosen is “What do the Angels want our readers to know?”, and here are the answers.  You can click on this link for a more in depth reading.

Angel Message

The message from the Angels to you today is, “Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire.”  This is such a beautiful message, and a reminder that we should all meditate, every day.  Daily meditation keeps us in tune with our hearts, souls, and purpose.  The Angels suggest, that we all spend more time in nature.  When we are relaxed, we will be able to hear our inner truths more clearly. We all have some thinking to do, probably because we are making fresh starts to our new year.  Whatever questions we have, will be answered in Divine time.

The next card in the reading is “our challenge, or influence.”  The message here is that we are born entrepreneurs, and our businesses or jobs, are surrounded by magical opportunities.

The 3rd card is “our Angels guidance”.  Angel Caressa suggests here that we are moving into a new cycle in our lives.  We can call upon the Angels to guide and comfort us.  Happiness awaits us all now.

The final card is “the outcome”, which says that if we are feeling stuck and indecisive, we need to listen to our intuition, to make a decision.

I know what I am doing today.  I have already had a beautiful walk on the beach in nature.  I am now going to meditate, and complete my vision board for 2016.

Please give us feedback as to how this Angel reading has guided, or motivated you.

“May you be abundantly blessed, cherished and protected by all of Heaven.”  Angel Blessings to you

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  1. Charley Avatar

    i meditate for ten minutes a day and it is all that I need.


    The three biggest things meditation gives me

    1. Trish Avatar

      Hi Charley
      I agree 10 minutes if done daily is so beneficial in every way

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