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The winter season is closing in on us. It is time to bid our summer clothes goodbye and to embrace our winter wear. Our shopping lists should now include all types of soup treats since it becomes our source of warmth on cold days. Yes, time truly does fly. We have to use each and every opportunity that comes our way to achieve our personal aspirations and to give to those less fortunate.

We at Babies Behind Bars are always ready to be of service and would love to have all our friends and family join hands with us in making sure that we go the extra mile this Winter. The cold floors and metal bars at the prisons do not create the ideal environment for the babies. Let’s join hands and add warmth to the lives of our babies. We have always been blessed with dedicated volunteers, without whom we would not have been able to achieve as much as we have thus far. We thank you one and all. We are in the process of extending our services to Mauritius, Rwanda, Kenya and Zimbabwe hence our request for more volunteers. Financial contributions will be very welcome since there are storage and shipment costs to be covered .To all volunteers, local and abroad please open your hearts this winter. Our collective efforts will enable Babies Behind Bars to create a close to normal environment for those innocent little ones behind those concrete walls of prison.

On the 7th February 2015 we celebrated our 8th Birthday, cheers to the Babies Behind Bars Friends and Family! May we grow from strength to strength.

Recently we had the pleasure of having a painting day at Ratanang Home. The paint was donated by Plascon Paints. Thanks to Plascon and to our faithful volunteers. Remember, “Not everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service” -Martin Luther King.

We had a Breakfast Picnic Fundraiser on the 28th March 2015; it was truly a great day. Thank you to our Head Volunteer Marlene Naiker for putting this together, well done!
A big thank you to everyone that came out and supported us on the day, we really appreciate all of you.

To our friends, thank you for your most generous donations. To our volunteers, thanks for a very pleasant packing day.

Upcoming Events:
18th April – Packing Day
16th May – Drop off day

For any donations, please contact our office administrator, Stacey on (+27) 11-0748810/ (+27) 79 038 0223 or mail
Our Web address: 
Twitter: @babiesbehindbrs
Facebook: Babies Behind Bars
Instagram: @babiesbehindbarssa

Come get involved, we need you!

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