A Big Thank You To Good People Out There!

How often do you cross paths with good people, that do something to help you, and disappear into oblivion.  I often experience random acts of kindness.  Here is a shout out to say a big thank you to all the good people out there, everywhere.

This weekend, our daughter had a bad experience in a taxi, and then our son was beaten up by a bouncer.  Gladly, I can look back, and feel extremely grateful that our children are all safe, and sound.  Whenever we have bad experiences in life, it always makes me aware of how many people are there to help.

All of us should be grateful and thankful for these people.  As A Course in Miracles says:  “I am not alone in experiencing the effect of my thoughts.”  So, the more we are grateful for, and the more positive we are, the more good news spreads.

Thank you:

  • The kind taxi driver that did his best to get my daughter to the airport safely, and for all times that has done in the past.  And, to all taxi drivers out there, who drive safely and responsibly to keep their passengers safe on our roads.
  • To the taxi driver, who while he was protesting stepped out kindly to help my daughter safely into a car, with all her belongings.   And to all people out there no matter what they are doing that are still considerate of others.
  • To the constable at the police station, who was so kind, and caring.  And, to all the dedicated police men and women, who do their best to keep our country crime free.
  • To the doctor, who was so professional, and thorough with his examination, and at the same time caring for my son.  And to all the doctors out there who deal with trauma, and save lives, on a daily basis.
  • To all of the hospital staff.  And, to all nurses, and hospital staff that are so dedicated to their work, with helping people recover from accidents and illnesses.
  • To our family and friends.  People always say that in times of need, that they find out who their true friends are. And, this should be a lesson to all of us, to remember to be true friends to others when they are in time of need.
  • To South Africans in general.  We hear so much bad news, that we often forget to focus on the good news. Most of the people in our Country are amazing. Let’s focus on the good people, and positive and inspiring news.

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2 responses to “A Big Thank You To Good People Out There!”

  1. Paul Avatar

    my son was on vacation in Cyprus when he was pushed off the wall he was sitting on by a total stranger. He fell 40 feet onto concrete. He was in hospital for almost 4 months. He sustained brain damage. He is now completely fine. Blog posts like this are a reminder to me that it could have been worse. I truly hope your children are ok. Thanks for posting.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Paul, that is awful. I am so pleased to hear that your sone is fine. It does make us extremely thankful
      A few years ago, one of my sons best friend fell off a wall and sadly passed away. Not a day goes by when we dont miss his precious little soul.

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