Brain Balancing – How To Reset Your Mind

Brain Balancing: Do you react to situations emotionally more often than responding consciously? Have the same thoughts that cycle around and around? Wish you could change the way you think or behave?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one of the above you will benefit from Brain Balancing.

Your brain patterns affect your decisions, responses and relationships.  Destructive thought patterns are one of the biggest catalysts for disease in our current world. Perceptions play a large role in creating and maintaining brain patterns.

Listen here to an audio about bringing balance through perspective.


Balancing your brain is a lot like refreshing your computer

None of the current information will be lost, instead, after a reboot, you will be able to function from a place where you are making conscious choices that will benefit you and those around you. When ones brain waves are in harmony with ones conscious self, self-healing can transpire. The more you practice making conscious decisions, the sooner your brain will register that the new pathways you are creating are the primary ones. Soon after this, your subconscious will take over these activities and store them as habits/patterns. It is with the intention of the conscious mind that one can create subconscious habits, patterns and reactions that are beneficial

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is the self which plans, thinks and connects with our body and emotions. When we are in a conscious state we are alert, aware and fully in the present moment. We can connect more easily with others and are more receptive to people and situations. Dreams and aspirations originate in the conscious hemisphere, however this area is in operation less than ten percent of the time. Consider this, if one’s conscious intentions are not aligned with one’s subconscious actions the two will be out of synch. Which one will rule the outcome? The subconscious.

The Sub-Conscious Mind

The subconscious is the dominating hemisphere and is able to handle around two thousand impressions per moment, unlike the conscious which is capable of dealing with a handful of impressions. For this reason, it is virtually impossible to maintain a new resolution or change a habit if the subconscious has not been reprogrammed. The habits of this lower region of the brain overpower the good intentions of the upper brain.

Listen here to an audio about bringing balance through perspective.

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