Bust The Winter Woes!

Bust The Winter Woes

I would love to share some of the tricks and tips I have gained along the way (yogi style!) which can give immediate relief to low winter immune systems. 

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Cold Buster 

(courtesy of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

Fill a tub with water as hot as you can tolerate; when you get in, and sit in easy pose (legs crossed) it should cover your navel.  If you can sit on your heels (with the water up past your navel), even better. Do sat kriya* in the tub for 11 minutes. You will sweat a lot. When you get out, wrap yourself in towels and then go to sleep. Your body will continue to sweat out toxins. [*if you haven’t yet learned sat kriya in yoga class, then do the next best thing – breath of fire with your arms in the air:  raise your arms up, interlace your hands, and breathe in a panting manner through the nose, gently pumping the navel in an out]

Going Mad with Mucous?

A lot of illness is said to be the result of too much mucous in the body.  So brushing your teeth and cleaning the tongue with a mixture of alum and sea salt will help. When you scrub the rear part of your tongue with the brush and mixture, you will gag and cough out mucous. Lowering your intake of mucous producing foods (like dairy) can help too.

If you are too squeamish to do the above, then I’ve got a powerful remedy for runny noses, and clogged mucousy colds (taught to me at Long Valley Farm by Har Bhajan Singh Khalsa):  For 12-24 hours, CUT OUT ALL DAIRY!  Not even a bit!  Then, drink a LOT of lemon water – so strong it makes your face pucker.  Hot, cold, in tea, however you take it.  And keep it up.  The more lemony the better.  It will dry up the mucous in a matter of hours.

Keep Colds (and Vampires) Away!

Colds can be helped with a special “garlic sandwich” — this involves putting as much raw garlic as you can stomach in a bagel or bread.  I personally prefer to buy the pre-chopped garlic mixed with ginger you find in the shops. Yoghurt will help your stomach if it gets upset. The three “trident roots” are good for the immune system, (and they are also libido boosters). Garlic, Onion, and Ginger. Using a lot of them can help the nervous system and immune system.

Why not enjoy dipping into my book on HEALING TREASURES this winter?  Remedies straight from my own Ouma’s kitchen (available on Kindle download for under R20):  


I wish you a warm and well winter season, and look forward to sharing time “on the mat” here at Life Retreat Studio.

In service,  Sevak Hari Singh, (Ryan Gary Edmonds), Life Retreat Studio

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