Cherish (Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish)


Cherish, is such an amazing word, and although it has universal meanings, each of our meanings are extremely subjective. Live Embrace KTSG Love Cherish is the wording on my tattoo.

We have 4 children, and all 6 of us have the same wording tattooed across our foot. After vowing that I would never ever have a tattoo, I was finally convinced by our kids, that we should have a family tattoo, and I have never looked back. Each of our children chose a word, and their initials are on it. Hence, Kerri-Lee (Live), Tyron (Embrace), Samantha (Love) and Greg (Cherish). Their words are so appropriate to who they are, and our unique and special relationships.

Live, Embrace & Love, is our family motto, and here is why we chose:  Cherish. The MacMillan Dictionary describes Cherish as:

1394365_10152084238156675_1119614222_n1. To keep something pleasant in your mind for a long time.

“I cherish the memory of those happy times.”.

2. To look after someone or something because you love them very much

3. To think that something is very important and to wish to keep it

“I cherished my independence.”

The word Cherish to me is almost impossible to explain, as it is such an incredibly deep word, with so much feeling attached to it. Greg is our precious last born child, and from the time I fell pregnant with him, I cherished him. When I gave birth to him, I was so overwhelmed with so much emotion, that God had given us this perfect bundle of joy to complete our family. After years and years of battling to have children, because I had had miscarriage after miscarriage, we now had not only one, but two perfect pigeon pairs. Greg was and still is the most amazing child in every way.

IMG_1516He has just begun Varsity, and my how the years have flown by. But, fortunately, I am able to Cherish all my fond memories from the time he was born, through childhood, teenagehood, and now going into adulthood. My memories are mixed, from overwhelming love for our son, to funny memories, to memories that I would rather not have, but all in all they are with me forever. Greg was always one to push the boundaries, and I remember when he was about 8 years old, he broke the glass on the fire alarm at school, and caused absolute chaos, The fire engines roared in and Greg was punished. He had to pick up stones in the playground for a week during all his breaks, but in true Greg like fashion, when his punishment ended, he was very upset and begged with his headmistress to be allowed to continue to collect stones.

Part of cherishing those we love, is to look after them impeccably. To endeavour to keep them safe and sound, to nurture them, and to keep them warm and fed, with a roof over their heads. As much as our families and loved ones are first and foremost our priority, we do cherish special possessions, and we treasure them, and keep them in good condition,

I do believe that we can’t cherish others unless we cherish ourselves first. If we neglect ourselves, and do not stay healthy, happy and balanced, then there is no ways that we can cherish someone else. We need to keep our minds, body and souls nourished, and make sure that they are never depleted. Take a few deep breathes with me now, and reflect on yourself. Firstly this makes us sit up, and calm our minds which enable us to see with more vision. Secondly, we need to check in with ourselves, and question as to whether we are eating healthy diets, exercising enough, have hearts filled with love and compassion for ourselves and others, and finally are we thinking clearly. If we are lacking in any of these areas, it is time right now to make changes.

“Blessings are more cherished by those who bear the spirit of gratitude.” E. Mbiaka

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