This Is Why I Have Chosen Reiki As My Profession

sunriseAll I know is that the focus I have put on this Energy work and wisdom I have attained is profound and exciting!
What is Reiki :

You can learn so much  about yourself and the world we live in and how to peacefully navigate through life with a peaceful oasis within to drive you through the chaos. If we are emotionally suppressed we create disease with in our body and that leads to sickness of the mind and body. I have found that if I do more Reiki in my own life and others, I grow younger and am calm. There is not a lot that effects me. I have transcended into a space where I trust my soul, can hear and see when my ego pops out to say hello, this is generally when I make mistakes to learn from not to beat myself up on. I believe and have proven to myself and my mind that when you surrender all of yourself to Divine flow and trust you are always provided for. There is no such thing as stress, it is created in the mind because we have been told to control our lives, when in fact we are born with a plan… a purpose. Stress, anger, resentment all negative emotions are lessons on how to awaken the opposite emotions and action them, it’s one thing knowing the truth, it’s another thing Actioning it into your life. Like I was so stressed before going to Boom festival Portugal in August this year, yet at the same time I knew everything would work out just before I left… and as it did I only got my visa a day before lift off… as money was donated by my friends, I had worked at Madam ZIngara to make extra money, yet mainly focusing on doing my Reiki Shaman private healing sessions full time! Due to me surrendering myself to Divine, that means divine and my soul have a plan for me. So for me to work with it – being Gaia nature, natural cosmos and to become more aware of my vessel and how it works, how it guides me to enlightenment and pure freedom, as I am truth, authentic and not incorruptible. I am not held by the system and I work with Gaia to be open enough with my time and energy to go where I’m needed to spread more light. Thus me being gifted by my 1st time REiki client, enough money to buy my plane ticket to come back to Europe and watch DIvine unfold in my life!  I have been through and healed a large part of myself through life, my teachers along the way and kinesiology. The beauty is that I asked for the guidance within and by not physically seeking it, the right people were attracted to me to do the soul course work. This way it’s purpose, real and authentic. This is the only place I want to be. Enlightenment is an emotional and physical challenging process and it doesn’t look pretty when your going through it. Yet the beauty comes in the smallest ways and brings you hope every time, just as you are about to give up. I feel more safe and secure within myself and the world to the point that stepping into risk is my passion. When I am in the unknown is where pure abundance lies. It has taken me 3 intense years to get here to unravel from the system, there is so much detail and experience had. I love that I can share these perspectives with you on a personal one-on-one level. If you are interested to put together a Google hangout workshop let me know and we can do this. I want to share, the question is do you want the wisdom and truth?


I use to be in the world of corporate and the obligated life… it still didnt serve me, as it kept me entrapped. I chose otherwise…

I chose yes to truth and I have never looked back! To share the wisdom of how God works through us and around us, how to understand how manifesting works, dreams to reality, emotional balance, learning how to open yourself to the natural flow of Gaia and being able to go through your shift with someone is so beneficial. No matter who you are you can learn more and find your own truth. As only you know your journey, all I do is become your mirror and assist you to hear what your soul is already telling you, you just need confirmation on it. I always bring my lessons in to my existence with ease and grace, so I can learn with smooth extremities and be humbled by the apparent awareness of the universe and me. Try it the next time you ask of God which is in turn you talking to your soul. This is what I do when I need assistance through a difficult moment. Divine Love, I surrender myself to your wisdom and guidance through this experience and ask for you to clear the road in front of me so I can receive my lesson that reflects to me with ease and grace. I am grateful and forgive myself for assuming the outcome, when I should trust that you have the ultimate plan for me, if I allow you the patients to show me. Take a moment, I breathe in through my nose the white light of the sun and feel it filling my entire being with warm confirmation and trust, I breathe out through my mouth with passionate intention to let go and give all my worries blockages to GaiaMotherEarthGodDivineLove. I Feel her support as my body tingles with peace. I open my eyes and reflect the beauty in front of me the reflection in the mirror. I Look into my eyes and see the universe within me. I then carry on with my moments and have patients that all is in the process of alignment… and what you know… a few minutes later the problem subsides and a calm open ground is presented for me and the experience to communicate our feelings.  This is how I see DivineLove work in my life… how do you experience DivineLove?

Today is the 11.11.14, and it’s 12:11 now as I’m writing this… I love it how the numerology and synchronicity are the Angels Divine Loves message to you that you are receiving your gifts and this is how we connect, confirm and celebrate because you know your on the right path, experiencing the perfect moment. Even the negative or what is preserved as negative moments. I have been receiving 11mins past the hour since the 11.11.11 opening of the ascension process. I don’t wear a watch, I use my phone to keep me on human time, yet I’m not a clock watcher. And with out a doubt – I will glance past someone opening their phone and it will be 11mins past the hour every time! This pattern has be accelerating in the last 3 years. I have learned by asking my soul to bring me books, messages through my teachers and those I meet, information about what the 11mins past the hour and what it means. With that my friend gave me a book called 11.11 Gates of Mastery, this book confirmed the ascension process and what I have been experiencing. 11 is the number of Mastery of self and a the world around us. Big change, we have been working towards this change our whole existence, and here it is alive and happening at the tender age of 28! I know I have been dreaming of how we would go home on this planet and now we are the story! Wow! Blessed, beyond words!









We are here to learn who we are, not what the world has told us to learn… this has been a distraction and a blessing. This is the time to learn how to balance ourselves so we can dream for a better future that we deserve, live in the moment that we can truly be present in and love unconditionally. If you want to save the world, start with yourself!

With all of this, I still celebrate like a rock star! Sing off the cuff… meet strangers, start a party… travel in Europe with 50 Euros and trust my soul has got my back being looked after by angel humans… celebrate my single natural beauty consciously… have my bad days where I laugh at myself… balance between good habits and bad… howl at the moon, high five the sun, gaze at the stars, thank the trees… hug a few…. in other words life is here for living! So live it only you are your biggest critic! I am content with who I am and in that I create a fucking awesome life! Your life is your own and I know it’s fucking awesome as well coz I know you are all ascending too! Lekker! Sharp Shap! Fishe! GREAT….

I want to thank all my teachers, boyfriends, friends, friends families,clients, strangers, enemies are the biggest teachers – along the way without you I would not believe in myself to achieve this! I hope your lives are more understandable and more free as we have walked the journey less travelled TOGETHER for the 1st time in Eons! I salute you! We are doing it,keep wondering!


You can do what ever you want…. as long as it’s for your highest good, the greater good of others and that we live in duality that turns into oneness within you. Be kind to yourself and gentle these are sensitive times.

We are in the most exciting and hauntingly times of our lives, which world do you CHOOSE to create? I choose LOVE, not fear. If you resist it persists, let go and it flows. I feel like a turtle drifting in the currents of the ocean… groovy dude!

Being blessed and grateful for every moment I receive! With this moment check out the song by Paolo Nutini that was playing while i was writing this… read the lyrics.. perfect!

May your imperfect be perfection!

Written By : Serendipity Sun






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