Christmas Stocking Ideas for Adults

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Every year, Father Christmas has given our children Christmas stockings, and this year will be no exception.
Greg, our youngest child is now 18, and I suggested that this year, we should maybe end this family tradition.  But, after a long discussion, we all agreed that Christmas would not be the same without stockings.

I have discussed this with many of my friends, and it seems that most of them still give their grown up children Christmas stockings.  It is such a wonderful tradition.  If you have any other Christmas traditions, ideas or tips, please post them for us.

I am a great traditionalist, and I love Christmas.  I have fond memories of opening my Christmas stocking, 1st thing on Christmas morning, well into adulthood.

“Christmas time is a time to reflect, and celebrate our Saviour’s birth.  A special time to join together. and rejoice that he came to earth.” M Lowndes

When our kids were younger, there were loads and loads of

things to fill the stockings with, like toys, crafts, books, sweets, games and clothes.  But, now it has become a lot more difficult to decide how to fill them.

Adult Christmas Stocking Ideas:

christmas-stocking-holders-for-mantleHere, are some of my suggestions (which are becoming rather boring):   Undies/ socks/ favourite sweets/ wallet with coins in it/  crystal pens/ playing cards/ adult games/ peak caps/ beautician vouchers/ makeup/ cosmetics/ nail polish/  deodorant/ perfume/ slops/ ear phones/ candles/ golf balls/ jewellery/ books/ filled picture frames/ ticket to a concert or sports event. More ideas:

Please let us know whether you have any other small gift ideas to fill our Xmas stockings with this year.  

On this note, please remember to share stockings with others less fortunate, and make their Christmas Special :

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