Constant Ringing? Hissing? Buzzing In Your Ears?

Constant Ringing? Hissing? Buzzing In Your Ears?

Are your ears haunted by unexplained ringing, clicking, whistling, chirping or buzzing–day and night? Well, you’re certainly not alone–and you’re NOT going crazy!

Roughly 50 million people are plagued with unexplained noises–in one or both ears, all the time or occasionally. But, since a doctor can’t see it, touch it or poke it with a needle… nothing can be done, right?



Ease the stress, take back your clarity and find true peace of mind

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the stories. People who couldn’t concentrate–they couldn’t work, they couldn’t sleep. You may have a similar story to tell. There are a shocking number of people trying to find sweet silence to replace their “mental orchestra.” Here are a few remedies to help you cope.

Four natural remedies to help you cope with tinnitus

1. Avoid loud noises

A noisy environment can cause your tinnitus to get worse. So avoid these situations or wear earplugs when you can’t so you’re able to muffle out the noise.

2. Practice redirecting your attention

If you focus on a noise, it’ll become worse. It’s the same with the ringing in your ears. Practice redirecting your focus to other things so you don’t constantly “listen” to the noise.

3. Relaxation and meditation can help you cope

Try yoga or meditation to redirect your focuses and help you cope in times of stress that make your tinnitus worse. Exercise also helps increase the blood flow through the inner ear, so yoga is a perfect mindbody solution.

4. Don’t let it become too quiet

If there’s no background noise, you might focus on your tinnitus more. Without creating loud noises, make sure there’s always some background noise like music or white noise on which you can focus.


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