Cupcake For Breakfast Day

cupcake for breakfast

Cupcake for Breakfast Day:

1 September 2015

Show your support for your Cancer HERO and enjoy a Cupcake in their honour on the 1st of September… Share your photo (with your HERO’s name written on your palm) on our page #CupcakeForMyHero #CupcakeForBreakfast

So who will your Cupcake Cancer Hero be on the 1st of September???
Remember you can celebrate the lives and memories of you Cancer Hero ANYWHERE, at work, school or home! Have a Cupcake for Breakfast and let’s show our HEROES that they are not fighting alone, they are ALWAYS in our hearts and will NEVER be forgotten…
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Join the event here:

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4 responses to “Cupcake For Breakfast Day”

  1. Trish Taylor Avatar

    We hope everyone enjoyed their Cupcakes for their Cancer HERO’s

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Will definitely be eating a cupcake for my dad.

    1. Lynette Avatar

      That’s wonderful to hear! Please share your photo with us too!

    2. Trish Taylor Avatar

      Hi Lisa, I hope you had a delicious cupcake for your Dad

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