Cure the Chaos!

Cure the ChaosCHAOS ENDS WITH YOU! Yes. You!

We are all reading huge volumes of information about Sun Flares, Earthquakes, disrupted weather patterns, wars and all sorts of economic woes. Changes that are taking place on our planet inside and out. Threats to the survival of Herbal Products, strikes, animal abuse, atrocities committed on all levels, corruption, political war games, greed and the wish to control humanity, emotionally and financially. Stress on levels unmentionable, depressions, suicides, dis-ease on the rampage, imbalance, hate, anger, despair, loneliness. The list can go on and on.


ENOUGH we say!! It IS time for humanity to pull back the reigns of horror, playing the games and buying into this 3rd dimensional madness. Einstein describes humanity as madness in its perfect state! The continuous thinking, planning, gossiping, judgements we pass about each other, drives us into this state of total madness.

Want to know how to stop it all??

Well, here it is, and it is as simple as it is explained! I, Golden Cloud, channel through Desiree my energy to humanity, have been called upon to answer you and share with you the REAL truth of the matter at hand. You, humanity, are all responsible for the chaos that now surrounds you. You all have heard this many times from many, many different sources. You have all heard that it is your thinking, feeling and expression in your words that creates the world around you. This is not new news at all! What is the strangest part of it all is that even through you all have heard it a thousand times before, the conditions on Mother Gaia are not improving, as a matter of interest they are deteriorating at a fast pace. Many on the path of enlightenment are attempting to assist humanity where they have been called to do so.

Many travellers on the earth path claim to be enlighten beings, teachers, Guru’s, helpers and healers, but in truth most of them and you do not understand the real truth that is facing you at this very moment. You do not understand what your real path is on Mother Gaia. I hear many, as they read this discord, say I do Know!

Well, I say to you, those that open their hearts and earthly ears and mind to hear me will get to know the real truth. A good portion of the messages that you, humanity are receiving at the moment are through veils of distortion, your own personalities, if you would like. If the channel, through which the messages are transmitted, is not clear and crisp, the messages that are received will, in their ultimate essence, be distorted. Part of the channels personality will cloud the messages and truth that is received through their high self. I am merely quantifying the authenticity of my message to you, so that you will receive the truth in its purest form, untainted by my channel.

Now, let us get to the matter of importance. The chaos around you is not chaos at all. It is only perceived by you as chaos. What it actually is, is change. Not many humans accept change easily; they feel the disruptive force (their thinking) and begin to panic. So what is the energy that you call chaos, it is change which you have converted into fear and panic.

Yes, it is created by each human’s thoughts, feelings and expressions, that is true, but it is not perceived correctly- it is FEAR. You fear changes to the normal routines, you fear changes that might take away your so called power, and you fear each other and your intentions towards each other. You fear lack, loneliness and lack of control over your situations; emotional, financial, mental and spiritual. You fear death and dis-ease, you fear LIFE ITSELF, my friends.

You are in a state of energy that holds you bound in fear of all that IS. So, what is the solution, you may ask? I, as an individual, cannot control the governments, the finance houses, the pharmaceuticals, the men of power!! My answer is so simple, that you will have to read and read again, to allow the information to be absorbed into your consciousness and your many facets you have created around yourself in protection.

The answer, beloved humanity is exactly that humanity. What does your word humanity mean? Think about it or a while and try and assess for yourself what it means to you as an individual. Your books of decryption say that it is the quality of being humane, kindness, benevolent, guardians, and stewards of the earth. Are you?

To the highest power of all, the word humanity means: LOVE,Cure the Chaos UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Love is a word that you are not yet fully integrated with, else you would not be living in the “chaos” you are. Love means “Let one Vibrate Equally”. Being ONE with each other, understanding that you are all particles of the highest expression and that by hurting yourselves, you hurt all humanity. By hurting anyone or anything you are hurting yourself and the whole of humanity. Love is the most powerful expression that can be expressed on Mother Gaia at the moment.

And humanity is missing the point.

All that needs be done, by each and every individual on Mother Gaia right now and into each ones eternity is to learn to LOVE YOU first. Learn that you are the glue that holds the whole of the universe together, for if one of you had to be removed in totality of essence the Black hole that remained would suck in the balance of humanity and Mother Gaia and the Universes. You would be no more!

Love the changes that surround you into balance, love your situation into joy and abundance. Love all the experiences you have called to  yourself Cure the Chaosand the Individuals (angelic beings, your fellow men and women), that sacrificed themselves  (dimmed their light) for you to learn that lesson. Love the Mother Gaia into perfection, Love yourself into  perfection.

Most of you know that what you concentrate on the most you attract into your lives. If LOVE is the vibration  you would like to see around you, in you and through you, and then think only on LOVE, and it will be so!

Humanity is so wrapped up in its drama, roller coaster rides and its games that it has lost all tracks of what is  real and what is not. It has no idea what it represents to itself and the rest of life. The solution is as simple as it  is put, be human in its highest expression of LOVE and the world, the universes, cosmoses will respond in  LOVE. Love will be the expression of the 3rd Dimension.

It has been proven that 10 humans, with pure intent and only thoughts of LOVE and balance, can meditate for  1 solid hour without swaying from the purity of thought, will be able to heal an entire planet(If it be the highest energies will). Human beings are so powerful that their strength is 1000 times more powerful than your strongest transmitters currently operating on earth or space. If this is so, why are you in chaos? You are in chaos because you have forgotten what your journey was and still is about. You are in chaos because you are concentrating on all that detracts form Love , Joy , Balance, Peace, Stillness and most important of all.


You are One with the perfection that you are and always have been. Return to your roots my children of humanity, take a few steps back and re-group your hearts, minds, intellects and bodies. You are created in perfection, it is only you that see imperfection, and then wish to control it or change it or better it.

For what cause do you do this??? You are all looking outward to the world and the energies that constantly wish to control you and move you to their way of thinking and beliefs. STOP THE MADNESS NOW!!

Each one of humanity can do their bit, as you walk talk and operate in Love, you will spread LOVE. With one thought you can heal your world right now, you can heal yourselves right now, and you can awaken to the beauty, bliss and peace that were and have always been your inheritance since the beginning of time.

Blessed, Humanity, become humanity and act and feel as humanity would. Look first to yourself to heal before you look outward to interfere with others.

Use your healing as the stepping stone to healing your beautiful GAIA Mother Earth right now.

From the deepest point of Love in my heart to the deepest point of love in your heart!

Be one in love

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