Unlock A Happier, Stronger You – And – A Healthier, Stronger Mom with ‘Curves’

With ‘ Curves ‘. A mother is the best friend a woman can have, and she deserves the best. This Mother’s Day, Curves is offering a unique promotion that gives women across South Africa the opportunity to treat their mothers to a very special gift…

That of health and fitness.

Every women who joins Curves between the 4th to the 9th of May will be able to take advantage of the Curves 2 for 1 deal. This includes 50% off the joining fee for two. Meaning that mom’s joining fee is free. The deal also lets moms train for free for the first two months of their membership. Curves focuses on strengthening women and given that mothers are a constant source of strength and support for their children throughout their lives, the 2 for 1 deal allows women to reciprocate and show their gratitude and appreciation.

Curves is an exclusive ladies-only fitness club. It offers workout programmes tailored specifically to women, such as their convenient 30 minute full-body workout.

Furthermore, Curves has also created the innovative CurvesSmartTM technology. Thus, providing immediate feedback each workout. This can be accessed on the circuit or over time in a printed report, a valuable tool for tracking progress. At Curves, women get access to weight-loss, fitness and nutritional information. That is, in an environment that is safe, comfortable and stress-free for women of all ages.

According to Amanda Coetsee, spokesperson of Curves, “A Curves workout is a wonderful way for mothers and daughters to enjoy quality time together. At Curves, they can boost their health, fitness and overall well-being. Hence making our 2 for 1 deal the Mother’s Day present with lasting rewards.” She adds, “We think it’s a far happier and healthier alternative to that box of Mother’s Day chocolates!”

Anyone interested in spoiling their mom with the gift of health and vitality for Mother’s Day with the Curves 2 for 1 offer can find out more here.

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