SA’s First Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeon Developed Range Of Cosmeceuticals- dr.dermal


Their vision is to provide you with affordable, high-performance products that deliver exceptional results. The unique range of products is designed to complement your existing skin care regime and enhance efficacy. Dr.dermal has been formulated by a dedicated team of a Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon and an international award winning Chemist. These niche products are designed to fulfil the needs of prematurely aging South Africans who are looking for cutting edge formulations that are competitively priced.
Their trio of innovative products, which are suitable for all skin types, are designed to be used together to maximise results.

About dr.dermal:

Their products can be added to most skin care routines and are suitable for all skin types. They’ve ensured that their delivery systems enable penetration of key ingredients to the deeper layers of your skin, which are vital in reversing the ageing process.

All the products have undergone clinical trials locally; the results over a 30 day period speak for themselves!

  • Wrinkle Reduction Average 55%
  • Pore Reduction Average 42%
  • Texture Improvement Average 67%
  • Trials were conducted using all three products in the range.

The Range Of Products:


1. Total Rejuvenation Facial Mask

A targeted age reversing mask that stimulates DNA repair & provides deep moisturisation to the dermis and epidermis. The mask substrate is made of pure silk to provide you with both a luxurious experience, and the added benefits of a naturally antimicrobial and skin friendly substrate.

The mask is used weekly to optimise moisture retention of the skin. The occlusive fine silk material which is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial ensures that the unique blend of peptides and hyaluronic acid penetrate rapidly and efficiently.

What i love about the mask: 

Firstly, i love the packaging and convenience! Its so simple to use! The pack comes with 4 masks. I found them very refreshing and silky soft. I could almost feel the moisture penetrating through my skin, and happily my skin allowed it to be absorbed. I love that you don’t have to wash your face after, but rather massage the remaining silky serum into your neck and decolletage and hands.

Price: R299.00 for a pack of 4


2. Texture Correcting Pads

These texture correctting pads contain glycolic acid (AHA) and hyaluronic acid to visibly retexturise the skin and maintain an optimal moisture balance. Cellular renewal is enhanced and dead skin is sloughed off to reveal dramatically younger, glowing skin. Effective for use with fine lines, wrinkles and mild scarring. It promotes a glowing, even tone.

These are used post cleansing in the evening and are simply wiped gently over the face. The hyaluronic acid infused pad also contains anti-oxidants as well as an optimal strength and PH of glycolic acid. Results in a refined skin with improved texture as well enhanced rejuvenation.

What i love about the texture correcting pads:

Whats not to love? These refreshing little pads not only soothe the skin, but act as a ‘toner’ too. I use these pads after i have washed my face. They are the perfect companion for us busy folk. The pads are packaged individually so they don’t lose any moisture. I don’t know about you, but i haven’t heard about texture correcting, but these pads have given me a whole new outlook of beautiful, glowing skin.

Price: R475.00 for a pack of 30


3. Total Rejuvenation Plasma

This product is a highly functional complex that addresses multiple causes of ageing. When used as directed, significant improvement in wrinkle appearance, pore reduction, skin texture and firmness have been observed. In addition, highly specific active ingredients optically scatter light, and instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores. DNA repair is stimulated, and overall skin health is optimized.

This product is applied in the morning and has all the benefits of a potent Anti-Aging product as well as being a high performance primer. The skin has a satin, slightly matte finish and is beautifully prepared for make-up application.

What i love about Plasma: 

This silky smoothe serum is a must-have in every ones life. A real game changer. I just love how it is super light, but at the same time extremely moisturizing. It makes the skin feel soft and smoothe. It is perfect to use as a primer, and helps even out foundation. I really love this product and highly recommend it!

Price: R675.00 for 30ml


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