The Most Effective Uses Of Garlic


Garlic is an amazing super-food, which has been used for its various medicinal properties to improve health and healing for over 5,000 years. Today it is used in almost every household for adding flavour to food or in your daily supplements as well as various other home healing remedies. Read on to find out some interesting facts you never knew about garlic and how to prevent medical conditions, if used correctly.

The history of garlic and its uses

Boosts immune system – Ancient Egypt:

It is believed that the Egyptians used this herb to feed to the slaves in order to keep them fit and strong in the era when the pyramids were still being built. Scientists later on discovered the reason why this herb was so good for the slaves and found that it boosted the immune system and it prevented various health and age related conditions.

A Great Superfood

Antiseptic – World War 1:

Garlic was a well-known remedy used during the time of war for cleansing, treating and healing wounds of the injured soldiers in the trenches with poor sanitary conditions.

At the same time, it was also used to treat the various epidemics such as tuberculosis and cholera.

Garlic is used to treat various conditions such as fever, headaches, coughs, gout, fatigue, relieves stress and maintains healthy liver functionality and it also helps to ease cramping, the type only women experiences.

There Are Many Uses Of Garlic

Garlic has proven to be most effective to prevent and reduce the risk of the following medical conditions, if used correctly:

Reduce the risk of colon, stomach and rectal cancer

Eat 3.5-29 g Fresh or cooked garlic weekly – It’s advisable growing organic garlic at home for best results

Reduce the risk of tumours

Take high doses of aged garlic extract, everyday for 1 year, every five years

Lower your high blood pressure

Use garlic in a dried powder form in herbal teas

Tick bites

When at risk of being bitten by tics or fleas, make sure you eat enough of it on a weekly basis

Treatment of Athlete’s foot

Use a garlic gel with about 1% ‘ajoene’, a chemical fund in garlic, to treat this condition. Apply it twice daily for the duration of 1 week. It can also be used for treating other fungal infections and growths such as warts, when applying garlic oil to the area.

Garlic Capsules Or Gels Are Great Supplements

Tips when cooking with garlic:

If you love eating it but you do not like that after taste lingering on your breath, chew some fresh parsley.

It can stay fresh for months after it has been harvested, but as soon as you break the head, its shelf life is reduced to only a few days.

When buying it at the shop, make sure it still has a hard texture, because the softer it gets, the older it is.

To keep your cloves fresh, the best place to store it is in a dark cupboard at room temperature, away from heat and sunlight.

Article written by Samantha Taylor

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