Efficient Tips To Make Your Exhibition Stall Standout

Efficient Tips To Make Your Exhibition Stall Standout

Exhibiting at a stall can be one of the best investments you can ever make. It is a good time to start planning with the festive season approaching and stalls/markets popping up all over.

Here are five tips to make your exhibition stall stand out:



Efficient Tip No.1

It’s vital that you get first-hand information on the market/festival where you intend to have a stall at. Ask yourself if your product will fit in and are the shoppers there your target audience? Is there an overwhelming number of stalls selling a similar product to you? Or is there a gap in this market? It may sound weird, but choose the market where your type of product is popular. Despite there being more competition, it means that the shoppers there are definitely your target audience.

Efficient Tip No.2

Your stall should be a welcoming and inviting space for people to be drawn to! Balance your display so it’s at around eye level, then below and above. If you have a table, try and balance your product out so it’s a combination of height displays so that you can see everything from standing away and not just looking straight down on the table. Make it eye catching and easy for your customers to see everything. Keep it full of product but balanced so that there is just enough product out at once. Products must be accessible so buyers can look, feel and smell.

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Efficient Tip No.3

Cash is the most common way of payments at the markets but what other ways can you make it easier for your customers to pay you? Consider mobile card machines. If you have various options of payments make sure you let your customers know, pop a little sign on your stall so it makes it easier for them to purchase through you.

Efficient Tip No.4

Be approachable and always have a good attitude. Even if you are not the best at sales always make an effort to greet your customers with at very least a smile! You need to be accommodating to potential customers, and always put your best foot forward. Customers like to feel special and that you care, they are much happier to invest their money into something that they feel connected to. Always be respectful, courteous and grateful.

Efficient Tip No.5

Generosity is one of the keys to lasting, long performing sales. Generous offers such as free product samples are all about delivering good value to your existing and potential new customers. Well-targeted freebies are good business. Useful, free samples and brochures can be a very effective sales tool when it is given without expectations. Generosity is persuasive.

Efficient Tip No. 6

Everyone may be a prospect for your products but your efforts will produce the best results when you target prospects with the greatest need for what you offer. Features printed on posters do not sell products! Tell your customers the benefits. Benefits sell. Benefits clearly answer the customer questions “What will this product do for me?” or “What results will I get that will improve my current situation?”

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