How To Get A Grip On Wrist Pain


If you experience pain in your wrists from overuse, you need to start paying attention to your body’s warning signs. This is because catching an injury early and then dealing with it quickly can help prevent more serious problems later in life. So, if you’ve overdone it, here are a few tips that could help you get back in the swing of things in a matter of days.

Five tips to overcoming wrist pain

Tip #One

Stop doing what hurts, and try to find what’s causing the pain.

Tip #Two

Check out your sports equipment and your form to help you identify the cause of your problem. Your racket or clubs could be worn out, or you may need more instruction on the proper grip. The right equipment and the proper form will improve performance and help you enjoy the activity even more.

Tip #Three

Treat the pain with non prescription painkillers like ibuprofen or asprin.

Tip #Four

Apply ice to the painful area to help relieve pain.

Tip #Five

Try this simple exercise. Keeping your hand and palm face down, place your wrist over the edge of the table. Then while holding a 500g to 1kg weight, bend your wrist as far down as possible. Slowly lifting the weight, continue to move your wrist up and down without stopping. Try to do three sets of ten once or twice a day. You ca try this with your palm up too.

In most cases, controlling the pain and healing your wrist should take only several days. However, if your hand, wrist or forearm is swollen or feels tender, warm or numb, then see a doctor.

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