Get your sick kids to sleep with these 3 bedtime tips

Children with snotty noses and chest congestion feel miserable, and because they tend not to sleep well, their illness affects the whole family.

Here are three bed time tips that you can use at any time of the day or night to make everyone more comfortable and for relief for the whole family:

1. Bath with essential oils

Bath time is a great time to take advantage of steam whilst using decongesting and antibacterial essential oils for the vapour to clear the chest and nose. One can also use bath oils that have been pre mixed, but if you use neat oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, clove or lemon, only use two or three drops as they oils are very strong. We recommend adding 5ml of our Kids Sneezes and Wheezes bath oil containing lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree to the bath.

Top tip: After the bath, always make sure you and your children are thoroughly dry with a towel before you leave the warm steamy area of the bathroom.


2. Massage

Massage your little ones chest, feet and back with our Kids Sneezes and Wheezes massage oil. This very diluted blend of oils is effective enough to open the airways and make breathing easier. Also, the massage in itself is soothing and comforting as well as a great action to mobilise phlegm in the chest. Older children and adults can use our regular Sneezes and Wheezes blend, or any massage oil that contains decongesting oils such as benzoin or eucalyptus. It is the delivery via massage that gives the dual benefit of oil absorption and relief. Massage also calms the person giving the massage – this is a great action to add to your evening bedtime routine. (use normal massage oil when your kids aren’t sick)

Top Tip: Massage your kids last thing before bed whilst they are actually in their bed. This calming action will help them to fall asleep faster and easier.

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3. Inhalation

Lastly, just before lights out, massage a tiny amount of Sinus Soother Roll On at the base of the nose and on sinus areas for the decongesting benefits of the eucalyptus. Also, if your child is over the age of seven, let them inhale Sinusniff, a mini inhaler with decongesting properties for clear breathing. For children under the age of seven a “whiff” of the inhaler will do.

Top tip: Finally, let older kids take the Sinusniff to school to keep in their pockets if they have blocked or snotty noses. They can inhale as often as possible.

sinus-combo for sleep
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We wish you lots of happy bedtimes!

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