Goodbye Stretch Marks: The Bump

stretch marks during pregnancy

We have all heard some horror stories about stretch marks during pregnancy.
I know friends that have tried months and months to relieve the scarring across their breasts and tummy after giving birth.

It’s only natural to think that with your skin being pulled and body growing at such a rapid rate that we are all bound to have a few and we can only avert the intensity by using the best possible specialized stretch mark creams.

But……. my story is different though and I’m not alone in it!

Quite a few of my friends have shared this ‘secret’, and come out of their pregnancy without a single stretch mark.

What is this ‘secret’?

It’s so simple I don’t even think you will completely believe me.

I can tell you though, that it’s not the fancy cream that will solve your problem. So don’t worry, I’m not gonna try and sell you any must have product here.

You’ll be surprised to know that the answer actually lies in the rubbing of the area. The rubbing helps the moisture sink in, keeps the skin subtle and assists to ease the stretching. Doing this every day, will almost guarantee a stretch mark free belly and boobs.

Sure a good cream can add some benefit but only as far as providing good absorption and moisturizing. Personally just used my normal body cream, which is the Nivea Q10 and in winter opted for stronger cream Mama Mio Goodbye Streach Marks or Bio Oil.

So try this little secret like I did. Use it as an opportunity to bond with your bump, talk to your baby growing in your tummy about how excited you are to meet her/him or just about your day to them. All the while rubbing and stroking your belly, and voila 10 months later you should still have clear beautiful stretch mark free skin.

During & After pregnancy

It’s a wonderful experience to practice daily, and gives you and your bump some special down time, to show gratitude for the beautiful experience you are going through.

Maybe even have a lovely bath with a few drops of oil (unfortunately you cannot use any aromatherapy oils when pregnant, but baby oil smells wonderful and helps you visualize that beautiful baby smell you soon will be experiencing once he/she arrives.)

The bath not only helps you relax but also further assists in keeping your skin subtle.

Hope my little bytsize insight help, till next time.

Guest Article by Sasha Muller

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