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I firmly believe that we need to constantly gain as much knowledge, and experience as we possibly can, to live healthy, happy and balanced lives. When it comes to health, we all need to take responsibility for our own health. The best way of doing this is to read, attend health events (including workshops and retreats), and share with others.


The more we have, the better empowered we are to keep healthy, and to treat our ailments. Google is a wonderful tool, that most of us have at our disposal. Read as many books, and articles on health and healing as you possibly can. If you have any ailments, illnesses or injuries, read up on them, and the best ways to cure them naturally. If you are on medication, Google it and find out all the pros and cons, and make it your aim to eventually wean yourself off, and heal naturally.


The more knowledge we have, the more responsibility we can take, for our own health. If you are on medication, and have read up about it, then it is a good thing to discuss all your concerns, and questions with your doctor. If you are using natural remedies, and treating yourself, then the more you know, the better your treatment is going to be.

There are so many informative self-help books available now, and you can either purchase hard copies, or do as I do, and download them onto your computer, or iPad. Read as many blogs, and articles on the internet as you possibly can, as this is a wonderful free tool, available for all of us.

Kerri, Sam & Trish Presenting Detox Workshop


Sharing with others, is invaluable in our journey to staying healthy. There are many platforms on the internet now, where people can ask questions, and share ideas. There are also loads of blogs, like ours, where you are encouraged to ask questions, and share your ideas. If you are ill, sharing is the best way of gaining support from others. Having the back up of other people, in whatever way we choose, gives us a great sense of security.


I love workshops, and attend as many as I possibly can, time permitting. There are so many short courses, and workshops available out there now. Google whatever interests you, and your area, and you are bound to come up with a large choice. If you have money, or time constraints, then join free workshops on the internet. This gives you the flexibility, of being able to do them in your own time. My advice is once you have signed up for a course, you must diarize daily, when you are going to do it, and commit to it.

Forest Hut at Writing Retreat


The ultimate of course, is to be able to attend a retreat. This way you give 100% of your time, and commitment. I recently attended a writing retreat, and came back rested, revived, and inspired. I am looking at possibly doing a yoga retreat in the near future, to get me really healthy, fit, and focused before the Summer holidays.


With people becoming so much more aware of living healthy lifestyles, there are so many more health events available for us. They range from health talks, to cooking classes, to exercise classes, to demonstrations, and so many more. I find out about many of these in our area, by joining Facebook pages, and signing up for various newsletters on websites that interest me. I am spoilt for choice, and attend as many as I possibly can.

Mozambique- Kerri
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The Life Retreat blog, encourages our readers to share their ideas, and information, and to ask questions on health and healing. We have a calendar of events, where for South Africa, where there are load of health events, workshops, talks, and retreats listed, for our readers on our Calendar  The aim of Life Retreat is to inspire our readers to live healthy, happy and balanced lifestyles. And education is key.

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  1. Trish Avatar

    Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback. We are still updating our Calendar on a daily basis. Please give feedback on what kind of events, workshops, functions and retreats you would like to see more of. Have a wonderful weekend. Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish

  2. Verushka Avatar

    This sounds amazing will defo check it out more.Knowledge is key and reading is very important.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      So true, Verushka. There’s lots more to come in the near future so keep reading, and thanks for your comment.

  3. mary Avatar

    I love that you guys are hosting and putting on events and retreats now too. Some more in Suid-Afrika would be great though!

    1. Lynette Avatar

      Thank you for your feedback Mary, we are busy getting in more health workshops and events promoting an active lifestyle.

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