Herbal Remedies – Your Guide To Natural Cures

Herbal Remedies

When making the choice to live a life of natural remedies to cure physical problems, it is important to know what to use and when to use it. So here, Life Retreat presents a complete guide to herbal remedies…

The following lists of all-natural products can be used individually to cure the problem, or alongside the others on the list.

For nice, Clean Teeth – Oregano oil toothpaste, activated charcoal, clove tooth remedy and coconut oil.

Sparkling clean hands and surfaces – skin sanitizer, hydrochloric acid.

For showering and baths – liquid olive oil soap, liquid coconut, bar olive oil soap, bar coconut oil soap, citric acid, coconut oil.

When illness strikes! For colds and flu – activated Colloidal silver, ginger capsules (for nausea), ginger tincture, hydrangea tincture, thyme tea, magic muscle, rose hip tea bags, lavender tea, chamomile tea, cayenne pepper capsules, slipper em (helpful for sore throats), vitamin c powder, coconut oil, marshmallow tincture (helpful for a scratchy throat).

Herbal Remedies

Stomach cramps are the worst! Try out any of these to soothe those pains – turmeric capsules, turmeric tincture, fennel tincture, Lugol’s iodine (great to help with flatulence), charcoal capsules (for wind and bloating), activated colloidial silver, ginger tincture (great to help with nausea and reflux).

Constipation is a drag, you can use the following to help with it – herbal fibre blend.

If you suffer from arthritis or muscle aches, try one of these out – magnesium oil roll-on, muscle magic, magnesium gel, turmeric capsules, turmeric tincture, essiac pain tea.

Find it hard to sleep at night? These are all natural sleep aids – Rose hip tea bags, lavender tea, L-ornithine.

General pain remedies – essiac pain tea, turmeric capsules, turmeric tincture.

Herbal Remedies
Essiac Tea

Blocked sinuses? Frustrating! Try any of these – Lung tea loose, lung tea tincture, marshmallow tincture, essiac pain tea.

Take good care of your bladder and kidneys! These can help maintain healthy organs – kidney tincture, uva ursi, vitamin B2 powder, ginger, vitamin B6 powder, magnesium oxide capsules, magnesium oxide powder, hydrangea tincture, buchu tea, baking soda (for urinary tract infections).

Eczema is a truly irritating affliction. These remedies can soothe it – calendula salve, essiac pain tea tincture, coconut oil.

When Winter comes around, cracked lips are all too regular. We have the remedies – lip balm remedy, calendula salve, chamomile tea (excellent for skin in a bath), coconut oil.

Help your baby when they experience nappy rash. Try these – calendula cream, calendula salve, coconut oil.

Morning sickness getting you down? These can help – ginger tincture, ginger capsules.

Herbal Remedies
Ginger Powder

General dry skin – Dr Haley’s Winter cream, Dr Haley’s hand cream, Dr Haley’s calendula cream, coconut oil.

Boost your immune system! Check these out – vitamin C, hydrangea tincture, ginger capsules, ginger tincture, L-lysine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, rose hip tea bags, marigold tea, activated collodial silver, cayenne pepper (as a simple booster).

Simple heart and body tonics – heart tincture, activated colloidial silver.

Keep your colon healthy, with these – coconut oil, raafa.

Balance out your hormones – maca powder.

Herbal parasite cleanse. These are deep cleanses that can improve thoughts, energy and much more besides. We highly recommend you try one – wormwood, clove, green walnut tincture, detox tea tincture, spice tea tincture.

Pet parasite program – clove, wormwood, green black walnut tincture, coconut oil (to keep coats shining).

Pet bathing and conditioning – liquid coconut soap, liquid olive oil soap, coconut oil, citric acid.

Herbal Remedies
Coconut Oil

Accidental poisoning/vomiting/diarrhoea – activated charcoal, ginger capsules, ginger tincture (to help after illness and poisoning).

Stop bleeding fast! – Cayenne pepper powder, cayenne pepper capsules.

Want to see more in depth? We at Life Retreat have published numerous articles that goes a little deeper into some of these all-natural products. Read about the health benefits of Cayenne Pepper, the little known Uva Ursi and Activated Charcoal – all here at Life Retreat.






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