5 Herbal Teas That Your Body Will Thank You For

Get your 2l of water intake, lose weight, feel great! Below are 5 of my favourite herbal teas and a breakdown of how each benefits me and my body

1. Rooibos Tea

The traditional South African ‘Red Bush’ Tea, is my number one favourite! This deliciously healthy tea deserves the number one spot on my list. Rooibos tea is best served with hot water and half a teaspoon of pure honey. There are many amazing benefits of drinking this tea, such as:

– It is a powerful anti-oxidant
– Promotes good skin, helps kills bacteria that causes pimples as well as nourishes from the inside out
– Naturally Caffeine free so that you can drink it before bed, and it even helps induce restful sleep
– Improves Circulation, for those who sit at their desks all day, it also helps with cellulite
– It is DELICIOUS. What else would you even need to know?

2. Green Tea

– This tea is loaded with anti-oxidants that promote weight-loss and fat burning effects
– Lowers blood pressure and helps prevent cancer
– Improves brain function and concentration
– For those who need a caffeine kick, this is one of the key active natural ingredients
– Kills Bacteria, you can taste the pureness of Green Tea

3. Chamomile Tea

– Let us just say- for those anxious few; this is the tea for you
– Helps fight colds, which is perfect for the cold winter months
– For the Insomniacs, this really may help you find your beauty sleep
– Excellent for stomach problems like cramps, flu and stomach ulcers
– Calm, Relax, Sleep!

4. Aloe Tea

– Aloe is a miracle cure for absolutely anything
– It is rich in nutrients like minerals, amino acids, and other plant chemicals
– Helps with appetite control, and helps promote weight loss
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5. Rose & French Vanilla

– Possibly the most delicious tea I have ever tasted! With aromas of Rose & French Vanilla, it smells, and tastes just like Turkish Delight! Best served in hot water with a teaspoon of pure honey
– If you don’t enjoy drinking water, you could substitute it with this tea (just be careful of how much honey you consume during the day, try to balance it out)
– Rose leaves have many health benefits for your skin and body
– A lovely tea to get the day started on a good note

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