How Do You See This Wondrous Universe and How Does The Universe See You?

We hWondrous Universeave just been through a period of tremendous turbulent energy and downloading of codes. The Lunar Eclipse and now the Solar eclipse one after the other, in which, humanity has felt the chaos and shuffling of energies, on all fronts, emotional, mental, physical and spiritually. This wondrous universe is speaking to us.


Wondrous Universe

The feeling of being battered in stormy waters, without a life jacket or life raft in sight, has us all filled with anxiety and fear. DO NOT feel alone! The purpose it to shake loose all the patterns, emotions and thinking that no longer serve you or the Cosmos.

Now it the time to be brutally honest with yourself, as to what works for you and what does not. What patterns of un-forgiveness, anger, fear and all aligned energies are you still holding on to?

Where are these energies stuck in your physical being on a cellular level, you intellectual mind on a thinking/conditioned level, in your energy fields on a spiritual level?

LET GO! Release all that no longer serves you!

This is the only way you will be able to make space, in your being and existence for a loving abundant joy filled life!!!!!


To let go of all that holds you back, to let go of all the old conditioned thinking and feeling patterns, to make space for the wondrous healthy fun filled life and unlimited abundance that IS your true inheritance.

Wondrous Universe Love your world into that which you most desire and love. Release that which ails you and hurts  you. And most of all LOVE YOU, forgive you, give yourself permission to finally let go of the      burdens that weigh you down, the should have , could have thinking and the self- judgement.

This perfect now moment has given humanity a golden opportunity to re-create all that we wish  for, all that we dream of and a brand new future.




How much do you really want to change?

How much effort are you, YES YOU willing to put into the changes you want? How hard are you prepared to encourage yourself into loving you, forgiving you and all those you feel have done you injustice?

How much time are you prepared to spend on thanking the SOURCE-GOD- for all that has occurred, all that is so beautiful and abundant?

When we, humanity, can look to ourselves first and use these three Magic Keys:




This means you using these keys on yourself and to all humanity as well as all inanimate objects. Look only at you, lovingly assess you and change that which you feel needs to be changed or improved- Never mind the rest.

Once this is being practiced, then re-look at how the universe sees you, through its eyes and how you then see the universe through your eyes. Try it and you will open a new Universe to yourself.

In order to efficiently use the three Magic Keys, you must first free yourself of stress. Try our de-stress massage oil. You can even combine this with our blog on the best ways to manage stress.







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