How The Handlebars On Your Bicycle Affect Your Sexual Health

How The Handlebars On Your Bicycle Affect Your Sexual Health

If you didn’t know the position of your handlebars on your bicycle can affect your sexual health, then you need to read this. Sitting in a specific position with low handlebars can have a huge impact on tissues of your sexual organs .

This can in turn have have an adverse effect on your sexual health. Here’s what you can do to ensure your health is not affected while riding your bike.


How riding your bicycle affects your sexual health

A study conducted by the Yale University School of Medicine shows how your saddle can affect your sexual health. When you add pressure on your genitals while you riding your bicycle, you increase your risk of damaging nerves in your genitals.

According to Dr Marcia Guess, lead author of the study, “Modifying bicycle set-up may help prevent genital nerve damage in female cyclists. Chronic insult to the genital nerves from increased saddle pressures could potentially result in sexual dysfunction.”

What does all this mean? Well,  the constant pressure on your genitals damages the nerves. Therefore, you’ll need more stimulation for arousal because you specifically will feel fewer vibrations in your genitals.


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What you need to do to save your sexual health

The next time you’re riding your bicycle, pay attention to where you feel the most pressure from the saddle. If you feel pressure on your genitals, then change how your handlebars are setup.

All you have to do is lift your handlebars so that it forces you to sit more upright in the saddle. This will help push the pressure to the back so it’s on the point just before your bum and not your genitals. If it’s uncomfortable at the beginning, stay put and you’ll adjust in no time!

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