How To Consume Alcohol Safely And Maintain A Healthy Weight

I am someone who enjoys a drink or two socially. But I, like many others, have often wondered whether I should cut alcohol out entirely to maintain a healthy weight. Is it worth it? Does that even work when I only drink relatively small amounts, and only at weekends? So I did some research and came across an article that gives ways to consume alcohol safely while maintaining a healthy weight.


Drinking alcohol occasionally and in moderation usually does not cause health problems, but consuming large amounts on a regular basis frequently constitutes alcohol abuse and ushers in a number of different health problems. Here are some helpful strategies for consuming alcohol safely:

Eat healthy meals before drinking in moderation. In addition, eat snacks that are low in salt and fat in between drinks as this slows down the body’s absorption of alcohol.

So if you’re an occasional or social drinker like myself, the advice to take is to eat healthy meals before drinking, or snack on low fat and low salt foods between drinks to slow the absorption rate.

Take days off from drinking alcohol, even if only small amounts of alcohol are consumed regularly. This deters the development of alcohol abuse and addiction patterns, as well as the onset of organ damage associated with habitual alcohol consumption.

Keep track of the types of drinks that are consumed as some drinks contain more alcohol than others. Keeping track also provides an indication of when the drinking should stop.

If controlled properly, moderate drinking is often a great way to spend an evening with friends, or at bars and clubs. If you’re worried about maintaining your weight, try out some of the tips above and see if they make a positive difference to you.

Consume Alcohol Safely
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  1. Rob Avatar

    They always say to eat bread if you’ve had one too many to absorp the alcohol, hasn’t worked me for me yet though!

    1. Joshua Avatar

      I’ve heard that too, Rob. The “eating health snacks before and between drinks” was new to me though!

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