How To Stop Cravings – Part 1

stop cravings

Weather you want to stop smoking or stop food/sugar cravings, the first thing we all do, is look for the cause and effect to find the reason why you have developed these habits/cravings. Researching ways to stop these cravings, gives you useful guidelines and tips on how to adjust your lifestyle or what changes to make in order to overcome these cravings. This article however, is part of a ‘instruction manual’ on how to overcome your cravings.

Whatever obstacles you may want to overcome, habits you want to free yourself from or goals you want to reach, are far easier to achieve and when you have the right guidance and support to help you. If you want to stop smoking, or drinking or any other cravings such as sweets, food, etc, then following these steps;

Setting a goal

Before you start this transformation, make sure that the goal you are setting for yourself, is something YOU want. You have to WANT to stop smoking, or drinking or over-eating or whatever else you are tired of beating yourself up with. If you want something bad enough, it’s much easier to achieve it with the correct mindset and to do it because you made a choice and want a healthier lifestyle.

Step 1:  Developing A SuperWillPower

The Time Challenge:

The first step to stop yourself from giving in to your cravings, is to have a strong willpower, or as some may call it; ‘discipline‘. This test is to train yourself to strengthen your willpower and withstand the urges. This is the hardest step for most people, but the secret here is not to beat yourself up if you give in to your cravings. Think of it as training yourself to learn a powerful skill…developing your own ‘superpower’!

  1. Take your most desired item weather it’s a cigarette, a glass of wine or even a delicious cupcake or treat, and put it in reaching distance from you on your desk so that when you look up, you will see it. When you are at home, find a spot (or two) where you can place the same items so that you constantly have it in your line of view. (i.e: On top or in front of the TV or coffee table, kitchen counter…)

The idea is to make it look as tempting as possible and to be able to see it at all times. The goal is to challenge yourself to not give in to that temptation, to not touch it for as long as you possible can.

  1. 1  Write down the time when you place the item in front of you. If temptation gets the better of you, give it a time stamp to set your first goal.
  2. Reset & Repeat the above steps, only each time you must beat your previous duration between cravings – Now that you know how long it took you to give in the first time, the aim is to last longer than before, you cannot allow the duration between cravings to be shorter than the previous time.

Note: Don’t try to fool yourself and have a quick bite from the cake in the fridge or some of your partner’s cigarette or sip from their whiskey, if you do, make a note and reset your time stamp to start again.

Allow yourself a period 2 weeks to complete this challenge. If you have not made the desired progress to ease your habits out of your system, don’t beat yourself up about it and stop trying. Here are some suggestions that will help you withstand these urges:

If you have overcome your cravings using a different method, please share your story with us.






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