Hula Hooping, Not Just Child’s Play

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Hula Hooping, Not Just Child’s Play, is a beautiful way for adults to have fun and get fit too! Not keen to hit the gym… or like many other people (including me), who don’t have the time to get there? 

Hula Hooping can help you slim down. 

Maybe hula hooping is for you (especially if you prefer rather play to the workout). Many people have jumped into this fitness craze, and the results are showing!! You can burn 7 calories per minute. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s as much you would burn while walking briskly and even more than you’d burn to do power yoga, step aerobics or pilates.

Hula hooping does more than trim your waist.

(although that may be the first place you notice to slim down). It works your entire core and (depending on your workout) can tone the rest of your body too. You can also incorporate many other exercise moves into your routine.

A weighted hoop can create enough force to give a fantastic workout. 

You may know that exercise hoops are larger and heavier than the toy hoop, but they are not heavy enough to bruise your body. The size and weight make it easier to keep the hoop up and give you time to move within the hoop. A smaller, lighter hoop can also provide a good workout, but you will find your tire much quicker because you need to work faster to keep the hoop going.

Remember to warm up your muscles before you start hula hooping. A few stretches – and hip rotations should do it.

Using your adult weighted hula hoop, with one hand on each side, hold the hoop horizontally so that it touches the small of your back. You may find it easier if you stand with one foot forward. Wind up by holding the hoop and turning your body in one direction (opposite where you’ll be spinning the hoop). Give the hoop an energetic spin around your waist in the opposite direction (most people prefer spinning the hoop in one direction over another). Push your belly/hip forward, pushing firmly each time the hoop crosses your stomach, moving in a back-and-forth motion.

Keep both feet on the ground as you push your belly/hip forward with each revolution of the hoop, slightly bending and straightening the forward leg, shifting your weight, and rocking front to back on each push of your hips. The push of your hip back is as significant as the forward push. Avoid moving your hips in a circular motion. This will slow down the hoop.

As in all exercises, it is best to exercise in both directions to balance and tone your muscles as you hoop.

If the hoop continues to fall to the floor while waist hooping, you might need to start with a larger hoop until you find the right point to push into your hoop as it whirls around your waist.

The key to recovering a falling hoop is to push, thrust and shimmy your body much faster than normal hooping, whether or not you bend your knees or turn your body in the hoop flow.

So get a hoop (and make sure your hoop is an adult hoop for exercise), find an instructor and get hooping. No instructor in your hood? I learnt from DVDs and video clips alone… Turn on your favourite playlist (be sure to include some up-tempo music to increase your hooping speed). Incorporate some knee lifts, squats and arm movements (air punches, “jumping jack arms”, or any movements that feel good) as well as hooping in the opposite direction for a complete body workout. 

As you improve, so will your flow and movements, and you will be able to add more to your routine.

Like any new exercise routine, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting.

By Melanie Morgan


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7 responses to “Hula Hooping, Not Just Child’s Play”

  1. Liz Botha Avatar
    Liz Botha

    Good evening I am a pensioner and would like to exercise and get fit with a hoola hoop. Where can I buy one and what would the cost be. Do we get pensioners discount . Your response will be appreciated. Kind regards. Many thanks. Liz Botha

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Liz
      It is awesome to see you so motivated to exercise and Hoola Hooping is soooo much fun
      We used to stock them but our Supplier stopped importing them during covid and we can no longer source them
      I know they have cheap Hoola Hoops at the Crazy Store but I am not sure how well they work
      When we can get the good quality ones again I will let you know
      Stay Fit and Flourishing this Winter
      Warm Regards

  2. Adele Avatar

    Good day I want to find out how do you get certified to teach hula hoop fitness. I really want to do this because we do not have it in my area. Will prefer online course if possible. Thank you.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Adele

      Thanks so much for your message

      I am afraid that I cant suggest were to do a Hoola hooping Teachers course, but I Kat who Teaches for us may be able to either Teach you or advise you where to learn

      Have an awesome day

      I have emailed you her email address

    2. Trish Avatar

      We can arrange Hoola Hoops for Adults and Children if you would like to get a quote please email

      Checkout Lifestyle Shop Online:

  3. Creme Del Mar Avatar

    I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him
    as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You’re incredible! Thanks!

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day.

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