I Survived The Titanic


I was handed in my boarding pass, to board the Steamship R.M.S. Titanic.  It was the 10 April 1912, and we were sailing from Southampton. I was travelling to Hancock, Michigan, accompanied by my 2 sons, and 2 of my lady friends.  I had been widowed twice, and we were on our way to go and live with my eldest son.  My name is:

Mrs. John Morgan Davies (Elizabeth Agnes Mary White)

I must say that starting our behind the scenes tour of the , really “broke the ice” so to speak, when we were handed our boarding passes. Each of us had one with the details of a passenger on board the ill fated “unsinkable ship”.  Having a persona really brought the experience home, and I was eager to find out whether,  in fact, I had survived.  Fortunately, I had survived, as I found out on the long lists on exhibit.

Our tour guide, Gino, is so immersed in the Titanic, that when describing the Artefacts, he almost brought them to life.  He was absolutely fascinating.  There is a selection of original Artefacts that are so interesting, including porcelain crockery that survived the seas, and even a pocket watch belonging to a South African gentleman.

I must say that I left with more questions than I had arrived with, and I am so eager to see the movie again.  I highly recommend that everyone should pay The Titanic Artefact Exhibition a visit.  It has been brought to us by Expo RSA, who have assured us that there are more exciting Expos to look out for next year, so watch this space.

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  1. Gina Avatar

    I really like how you were all given different people who were aboard the titanic. was each one a genuine passenger?

    1. Trish Avatar

      Hi Gina, yes every one of us were a genuine passenger. It was really interesting reading up about myself. I highly recommend visiting the Titanic Exhibition if you get a chance.

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