The Importance Of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup may look beautiful, but have you thought of the effects your make up brushes may be having on your skin? Many of us don’t realise how important it is to clean our brushes.

Even though it doesn’t seem too important, dirty make-up brushes could be worse than forgetting to wash your face!

The effect dirty brushes has on the skin:

To put into perspective, a lady may wear makeup everyday, which means she is applying it 365 days of the year. Could you imagine the oil and bacteria that those brushes collect over time? Now, i’m not saying you need to wash your brushes every single day, but at least once every two months you should give them a good clean.

Acne prone skins battle with makeup and brushes, the vicious circle of getting pimples, and then covering your face with makeup to hide the pimples, but attracting all the dirt from the makeup brushes which ultimately causes more pimples to appear. Well, by cleaning your brushes, you already save your skin 50% of the chance of more breakouts occuring

We have the answer! Our new product: The Swiitch BrushEgg

The BrushEgg is used to help with the deep cleaning process of makeup brushes. The BrushEgg is Compact, Quick, Easy, Affordable AND Effective!

– Reduces the use of Brush Cleaning Solution (which dries out bristles)
– Use whichever Soap or Facewash you choose
– Smaller knobs on top used for Foaming & Lathering
– Grooves on bottom used to agitate bristles just enough to release product, dirt, and oils without stripping them
– Smaller knobs are also ideal for smaller eye brushes (Fan, Liner, Smudge, Pencil) for extra gentle lathering and releasing of dried on products, especially waterproof mascara and liner.

You can purchase the Swiitch BrushEgg HERE for only R99.99






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