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Happy Friday everyone! To coincide with our first official newsletter (sign up here, it’s awesome), we wanted to introduce a weekly Life Retreat round-up of some of our best and most interesting articles over the past week. We like to think every post we make adds something, but we’ve picked five pieces that really stood out, or made us think.

So last Friday, we learned about a new movement in hair care. It’s called “Unwash – The New Clean”. Sounds crazy, right? It’s a whole new way of cleaning your hair, and it’s becoming more and more popular by the day. Check out the article, here’s a sample:

The new movement in hair care is here. It challenges the conventional wisdom and vicious cycle of shampoo, condition, style, repeat…Welcome to Unwash: a new method that cleans hair in a more civilized way.

You can read out full article here. Please do, it’s well worth it.

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As we all know, Mandela Day was last Saturday. We did our part to honour the great man’s legacy and give a little back to those who need it most. I personally was digging trenches for a great charity based in Grabouw, and my various family members were helping out in Cape Town and Khayelitsha (handing out soup and painting houses in the informal settlements with fire resistant paint – more to come on that soon!)

Mandela said many profound things during his life, and you can read one of his inspirational quotes we posted on Mandela Day here!

On Tuesday, Trish posted an incredible article detailing her trip to Namibia with some of her family and friends. We really do urge you to read it. Learn what a “Zeiss Refractor” does (you won’t believe it), read about the world’s biggest crystal, and join Savannah on the wild ride they experienced at Sandwich Harbour:

On the way we stopped to view 1000s of pink flamingoes. Honestly, no photo can do justice to the sight of the most awesome dunes, with the sea breaking at their base. We saw jackal and springbok. We went on exhilarating roller coaster rides, up and down the dunes.

Read the full and amazing article here.

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The incredible country of Namibia – Read Savannah’s story

Also on Tuesday, we posted a surprising article about the supposed health benefits of food such as dried fruit and soy milk. We wanted to dispel a few myths that lots of people have about certain foods. Interesting and informative, take five minutes out of your day to read up on what we discovered:

I recently found out that my detox tea contains “senna leaves”, which are associated with liver failure. And ever since, I’ve set out to see what other potential harmful ingredients are lurking in my (and your) cupboards.

I was surprised to find that three of my favourite “health” foods – soy milk, granola and dried fruits – aren’t actually that healthy. At all!

Read our full article here.

And finally, on Wednesday we posted an article about Onjala, the private nature reserve that Savannah mentioned in her Namibia article. Featuring some of the most incredible photographs we have ever seen, we urge you to read it, if only for those photos. Our post details everything you can do at Onjala (including one of the most stunning outdoor spas we have seen) as well as how to get there and how to book a stay:

Here, where the dense bush savannah is inhabited solely by animal life, an unexpected opening appears and reveals giraffes, black wildebeest, zebras and oryx congregating to trade the news of the day. Rising above all this is a mountainside, dotted with the pointed roofs of our lodge bungalows. This is Onjala, a gem cradled in the arms of Africa.

Read the full piece here, and check out a photograph from the article below.

This is the bush!

That was our first weekly round up of the best thought provoking, entertaining or interesting pieces from Life Retreat. We hope you enjoyed reading as much we did writing.

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  1. Karin Avatar

    The Namibia posts are fascinating. And just on a personal note, I have to try the Unwash products. Are they available on the store?

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Maybe at some time in the near future Karin. Thanks for your comment. Namibia does look truly stunning!

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