Know What To Target Before Embarking On A Weight-Loss Regime

Nearly every day we are exposed to the latest eating plan promising the world and a ‘new you’ within just a few days or weeks. It is hard to know which one to choose, as we sometimes look for a quick and easy fix and these plans often promise great results by offering completely contradictory approaches.

Unless a weight loss program targets the real cause of weight gain, only the symptoms are treated, and results can’t be achieved or maintained over a long-term period.

Knowing what the true cause of weight gain is, however, is unfortunately not common knowledge. The reason that most people gain weight or have excess weight that just doesn’t want to budge is because of their resistance to Leptin. Leptin is a hormone that is formed in the fat cells, and is responsible for the regulation of the metabolism as a whole.

A person with no or low resistance to Leptin can eat just about anything, without gaining weight, but those with a higher resistance to Leptin, have increased appetite and a slower metabolism. This means that everything they eat is converted into fat and stored in the body.

You may wonder what causes a higher resistance to Leptin. There are a number of reasons, including cortisone medication, hormonal shifts (puberty or menopause), stress and anxiety, anti-depressants, viral infections, antibiotics, extended anesthetics, emotional trauma and compulsive eating habits. Many of these are common factors in modern day living.

But not all fat is bad. There are three different kinds of fat in our bodies. Structural fat protects our organs and acts as a cushion in order to protect us on the inside. This is a very necessary and important fat. Normal fat is stored as backup energy to use when necessary, and is also an important fat for us to function optimally.

Abnormal fat, however, can’t be used in a nutritional emergency and is hard to lose. This is the excess fat that is detrimental to our health and the fat that ultimately needs to go.

The Slender Wonder Program is designed to improve the body’s Leptin sensitivity and uses an eating program focused on the glycemic index of food. This combination enables the body to improve Leptin levels and activates weight loss. Abnormal fat is thus targeted and reduced, whilst the important fats are kept in tact.

It has a four-pronged approach:
• A low glycemic index (GI) diet
• Weight loss supplements (capsules) to ensure no deficiencies
• A low GI meal replacement shake
• Daily injections with a Lipotrophic substance that releases the abnormal fat in the body.

Bio-identical and synthetic versions of the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone are available, which also forms part of the daily injections. At Health Renewal, a unique, non-synthetic, bio-identical hormone is put together for each patient, based on specific requirements.

The bio-identical HCG shows better results than the synthetic HCG, and has no side effects, which is more common in the synthetic version.

Skin, Body and Health Renewal has run several Slender Wonder Challenges since 2011, and have recently completed the sixth competition. It runs over a 12 week period and during the latest challenge, 27 patients lost 432,2kg in total, with the average weight lost per person being 16.6kg. The biggest loser lost 28,6kg. The average weight loss calculated across all the challenges to date is 14,9kg per patient, and the biggest loser to date lost an astounding 39,5kg.

If the program is carefully followed, women can lose from 8-10 kg in the first month and men 10–15 kg during the same time. Depressed clients often experience mood lifts, seven to ten days into the program due to the increased sensitivity to Leptin.

At Health Renewal, the program is run by a well qualified, professional team. During an initial consultation session, a medical doctor assesses each patient individually, where the full medical history is taken into consideration.

A Body Mass Index is calculated and a target goal is set for each person according to gender and height. A body stat analysis assessment is done in order to give an indication of body fat percentage, total body fat and water content. This gives patients a clear understanding of his / her starting point.

The entire process is carefully monitored from beginning to end, by a Health Renewal professional, to ensure optimal results.

Once patients reach their goal weight, they go through a stabilisation period. This is followed by a maintenance eating plan to ensure that patients maintain their goal weight long term.
The Slender Wonder program ultimately changes eating habits. Permanent weight loss must go hand in hand with a change in lifestyle.

If you’ve had enough of abnormal fat that won’t budge, or should you be interested in participating in the Slender Wonder Challenge, contact Health Renewal on 086 126 3972 to book your individual assessment or visit here to find out about the different packages on offer.






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