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Happy Friday everyone! Christmas is very nearly here and we have had a busy time over the last few weeks with blogging, lots of competitions, massive product launches, huge sales and much more. It’s safe to say not everything can be covered in this round-up, but you can find anything else you are looking for across our website. We currently blog and guest blog on 17 topics ranging from health to expert beauty advice. From parenthood to travel. From inspiration to fashion.

So let’s get onto Life Retreat’s Round-Up : The best of the best over the past few weeks!


One thing most of us can all agree on is that it can be a nightmare finding the right gifts for men at Christmas. Ask them and they’ll most likely shrug or tell you to “get something nice”. That can leave many of us in the difficult position of finding gifts at random – not a fun task.

That’s why Trish wrote an article detailing not only best gifts for men, but also the most affordable and most unusual:

I have just begun my Christmas shopping. My list to do is getting longer, and the time before Christmas shorter. To save you some time, I thought it would be a good idea to put some gift shopping lists together. All of the below items are for sale for under R130.00

You can read the full article here. All the items on the list can be found in our online store if you wish.


Recently here at Life Retreat, we decided to help out this Christmas by holding a giveaway every day for thirty days. With that being said, by clicking on any of the following pictures you can go straight to that specific giveaway and enter to win! You can win cases of Almond Breeze, Sports Towels and EOS Lip Balm, Necklaces, Scarves and so much more.

30 Day Giveaway




Also, be sure to check out our competition with a difference by clicking here.


Happiness means something different for every single person. For some people it can be sports, for others music and even food. Basically, it doesn’t require money to do the things that make you happy.

In this article we revealed ten free and simple ways to increase your happiness.


#5: Read the archives of your favourite blogs
See what your favourite blogs were like in the beginning by digging through their archives (bonus points if it’s Life Retreat!)


If you want to read about a truly magical event to go and experience then look no further than the Titanic Artefact Exhibition in Cape Town.

Fortunately one of Life Retreat’s very own had the chance to go to the incredible exhibition and experience what life was like for real people that were on board:

We were handed our boarding passes. Each of us had one with the details of a passenger on board the ill fated “unsinkable ship”.  Having a persona really brought the experience home, and I was eager to find out whether,  in fact, I had survived.

To read Trish’s full article click here .



Finally this week we showed you “Photos To Inspire The 6 Senses”, a beautiful article with photos to bring out the senses (including the debated sixth and seventh senses!)

All of these pics, in some way inspire us to live healthy, happy and balanced lives, and awaken our 6 senses.

We urge you to join in the discussion as some of our readers already have. We try to reply to every single comment with thought and consideration.



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  1. glenys Avatar

    Thanks for the updates..this is a very well written website. where you get the inspiration to cover such a big group of subjects?

    Glenys W.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Glynis, I have studied psychology at Uni, and I am a herbalist. I have also done load of various health and healing courses. Samantha is a natural when it comes to image and beauty. Kerri is a yoga teacher. Sasha is a new Mom and her interests are motherhood, and pregnancy. I am a Mom of 4 amazing children, hence loads of experience in healthy eating, wellness, brining up children etc. Josh and Lynette are amazing guest bloggers, with a variety or interests. But we really would like you and our other reader to give us more feedback on what topics you would like to hear more on.

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