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It’s Friday, and all over South Africa the men and women of this country are preparing for a well earned rest over the weekend. Here at Life Retreat, we’re right with you! But before you head out to see family, or to the mall, or to the pub, have a look at the best of what we had to offer this week. We’ve got competitions, product launches, and thought provoking articles. Come in and see for yourselves!

Two weeks ago we brought you an article introducing Black Pearl, the revolutionary breakthrough in skin care. So how could we follow that up? With another exclusive on the coconut oil pulling product Cocosmile.

In the article, we explained just what oil pulling is, and why it’s become so big over the past few months:

“Cocosmile began launching their first product at the end of last year, and has quickly become a favourite amongst those who are interested in bettering their health. For those who don’t know what Oil Pulling is, basically it is the action of swishing pure / organic Coconut Oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for a good couple of minutes.”

Making Waves Across South Africa

Cocosmile is here to stay, and you can read our full and exclusive article here.


How much do you know about workshops and retreats? Many people see the word ‘workshop’ and immediately decide that it’s not for them. Workshop sounds like work, right?

You couldn’t be further from the truth. In our article “Workshops and Fitness Retreats feed our thirst for knowledge” we attempt to dispel those myths about retreats and workshops:

“I learnt so much from all of the incredibly knowledgeable facilitators and lecturers. I caught up with special old friends, and met wonderful new friends, all on this spiritual journey.

The tables were laden with the most delicious, healthy food, which we indulged in each day. We listened, we talked, we ate, we drank, we exercised, we shared ideas, and all left with feeling incredibly calm, content and fulfilled.”

Workshop Relaxation

Read the full article here.


We’ve gone competition crazy this month, with competitions for cosmetic hampers, pet food, tickets to festivals and shows, as well as our newest give-away, WIN: Theravine Skincare Hamper!  

The hamper, worth over R1000, is packed full of some of the luxury Theravine products, including Vitavine Anti-Wrinkle Skin Booster, Hydrating Mango Face Balm, and much more.

Theravine Goodies

To enter our other weekly competitions, simply click here.


Vince Camuto is a name you associate with high end women’s footwear, and when we attended the launch of their Autumn/Winter collection we were so blown away by the designs that we just had to blog about it.

Read Samantha’s full low-down on the glamorous event here, and take a look at some of the pictures we took below:

Luxury Guaranteed


Samantha, Director of Life Retreat


Men’s fitness trends are constantly evolving and being re-invented, and it can be a hard task keeping up with what is current and what is past it in the fitness world.

That’s why we wrote a handy article explaining what is trending right now and in what ways it can benefit you:

“Wearable technology has been around for a couple of years now, but it was only in 2015 that sales really blew up. Fitbit, Microsoft Band, Garmin, Polar and countless others have flooded the market, and are all in competition to fit as many fitness sensors as possible onto a small device designed for the wrist.

Get yours today before the prices soar – a basic fitness watch will suffice and give you all the info you could possibly need.”

The Fitbit

You can read about this, and four more top male fitness trends here.


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See you next Friday!

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    God am in LOVE with thse shoes!

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thanks Mandy. Remember you can read the whole article here

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      Mandy, we are also in love with these amazing shoes #VinceCamutoSA

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