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Friday has come around again, and with it comes our round up of the last 7 days at Life Retreat. We’re bring you our five favourite and most talked about articles of this week! Featuring expert skin care tips, an exciting new juice bar opening, epic yoga challenges and more!

Last Friday, in our article Celebrating With The Skinny’s, we told you about the newly opened Skinny Juice Bar in Ravenscraig, Cape Town. Life Retreat has worked closely with The Skinny Juice Co for a long time, and we were delighted to be invited down to the grand opening:

It is difficult to choose which one is my favourite, but I do love the Skinny Booster ( a mixture of assorted berries). Although it was freezing cold, we indulged in our skinny ice lollies, and I can highly recommend the Skinny Root (packed with loads of beta-carotene). These are a must for our family this Summer. The green smoothie really topped a great morning off. It really was yummy.

We urge you to read the full article. You can also order Skinny Juice here and here (for the 1 day cleanse)!

Life Retreat
Opening the Skinny Juice Bar

Last Saturday we launched another brand new competition! An Accessorize Pink Hair-dryer is up for grabs!

Life Retreat
Life Retreat’s NEW competition

Why not see for yourself? Click here and follow 2 simple steps to enter our competition.

Another brilliant article from Samantha on Monday, entitled Get Rid Of Acne & Get That Glowing Skin. In it, she detailed 5 amazing tips and tricks to help you banish bad breakouts:

Wash, wash, wash! : Just like you brush your teeth every morning and every night, its just as important to wash your face morning and night. Especially if you wear makeup during the day. Throughout the course of the day, our bodies pick up dirt and build up from everything around us, which causes pimples to pop up. Below are some of my favourite products I use that help my skin stay clear

The full blog post is very informative and helpful for those who might be struggling with their skin.

On Wednesday we brought you an update from the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha. A heart-warming story about one of their long term animals

Two years ago on Mandela Day, James arrived at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. We named him James Bond for being such a strong little fighter. He was just 3 weeks old with a herpes virus causing him to be blind. He needed to be hand fed, kept warm and guided.

Life Retreat
James Bond the fighting pup

We love to bring you guys information about Mdzananda and other veterinary clinics across South Africa, and we urge you to donate to their very worthy cause. You can donate here .

Finally, just todaywe posted a very entertaining and informative article about a 10 Day Yoga Challenge, carried out brilliantly by Trish and Sammy, the Life Retreat team:

Day 4.  We decided for a change to try an evening class, as we always exercise in the mornings.  It was hot yoga, and so although it is Winter at the moment, it was lovely and cosy in the studio.  It was a wonderful class, and stretched us to our limits.  When we left we were warm and relaxed, and I had the best night’s sleep that I had had in a long time.

Something different on every day, read the full article here. And why not try the challenge yourself? Once you’ve read the article, you will see just how many benefits there are to trying this challenge!

Life Retreat
The 10 day yoga challenge – Try it!

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