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After a two week hiatus, we are back with Life Retreat’s weekly round-up. The best of the best from the last 7 days at Life Retreat. Featuring an awesome competition, an article giving tips for flawless skin, a blog about how to make those hard decisions in life and much more.

We are happy to be back blogging for our audience, and as you know by now every Friday we go through our favourite posts from the previous week.

We are fully committed to finding those beautiful quotes that can perk anybody up, and this week has been no different. Last Friday we posted one of our favourites so far!

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Zig Ziglar was a famous American motivational speaker, and we have come to love some of the great things he said. This is one of the simplest quotes but has so much meaning when you really think about it. Plus it is simple to implement into your own life.

To see the full post, including an explanation and an extended quote, go here.

Our competitions section continues to outdo itself! This week we launched our competition to win a stay for two people at the luxurious 4 star Grosvenor Guest House in Simon’s Town, worth almost R2,500:

Centrally located in Simon’s Town high up against the mountain slopes, the Grosvenor Guest House offers you an ideal base from which to explore the Cape Point Route. A winding pathway from the guest house will take you down to the Main Road of Simon’s Town and directly into the village with its myriad of interesting little clothing, jewellery, furniture, curio and bric-a-brac stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

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The incredible Grosvenor Guest House, Simon’s Town.

To see the full post, including details of how to enter the competition, click here.

We love to get back down to our roots too. Fitness is such an important thing for each member of the Life Retreat Team, and on Monday we posted an article about the best cardio workouts for the non-runner:

See people cranking out jump squats, burpees, or box jumps at the gym?

Those are all moves in what’s referred to as plyometrics, a method of metabolic conditioning reliant on explosive movements (think: hops, bounds and fast feet).

The goal is to contract the maximum number of muscle fibers in the minimum amount of time.

We urge any non-running gym fanatics to read the full article here to read about 4 awesome cardio workouts that don’t require you to run.

No weekly round up is complete without a detailed first hand review of a new beauty range of products. On Wednesday Samantha wrote an article about the Morgan Taylor “Hello Pretty” range of Summer 2015:

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The Summer ’15 range from Morgan Taylor

I have something exciting for my lovely Beauty readers! Yes, new nail polish colours from Morgan Taylor! They have embraced every aspect of a blissful summer with their ‘Hello Pretty’ range.

To read the full and exclusive article go here. A must read for any fans of Morgan Taylor and beauty products.

Finally, just earlier today Trish posted a FULL A-Z of detox tips. Trish put everything related to detox into alphabetical order, and the results are more than interesting:

A – activated charcoal, acupuncture, agave, activity, appetite

B – breathe, breakfast, beetroot, beach, body scrub, body brush

C – clutter,  cleanse, cleaning products, , constipation, cooking, cook ware, cell phone, cosmetics, chew, chia, circulation

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EVERYTHING you need to know before detoxing this Summer!

If you want to read the full list, go here! You may have thought detoxing was all about what you put in your body, but think again. Did you know that jumping, relationships, yoga and even peace all help to achieve a healthy detox.

We love to bring you a round up of the week’s most exciting news at Life Retreat, and we hope you guys all continue to inspire us with your comments and ideas. Please share this article and comment in the section below. What was your favourite piece from Life Retreat, and what did you take away from our favourite articles?

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  1. Trish Taylor Avatar

    Life Retreat’s weekly round-up. The best of the best from the last 7 days is always a great read. Remember, our motto is Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish

  2. alys Avatar

    Loving the detox list!

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      HI Alys. I am so pleased you are loving the list. We have loads more info coming up on detoxing in the next couple of weeks, to motivate us to get healthy and into Shape for Spring.

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