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By now it should be well-known to you. Our weekly round-up of all the good and great on Life Retreat from the past seven days. We hope you’re ready to learn about Cape Town’s newest exciting tech addition, the launch of a brand new Pandora range, another amazing giveaway and more!

So this week marked the first day of Spring in South Africa, and sitting here at my desk at the end of a tough week I can feel the sun’s warmth through the windows and it truly feels like the Winter is behind us.

Life Retreat is fully embracing the warmer weather, and you, our readers, should notice our bigger focus on Spring and Summer in the next few months. We’ll be bringing you all the newest fashion and beauty tips, as well as introducing you to the hottest product launches and everything in between, whether its technology, competitions, new ranges in our store and more. But without further ado, we present our weekly round-up!

On Monday our tech radars were buzzing when we posted an article about Workshop17, the new hub for technology and trade at the V&A Waterfront. Housed in an old warehouse, the potential for Workshop17 to grow as a technological centre is huge:

As far as commercial real estate goes, the V&A Waterfront is not only one of the most well-known, but one of the most profitable locations in Cape Town. With prime location that draws millions every year and a tourist hub, it’s no wonder this would be the setting for sustainable development in Cape Town.

Workshop17 may yet prove to be the catalyst for awesome tech advances that Cape Town needs. You can read the full article here.

Life Retreat's

Also on Monday Samantha posted an article about Pandora’s newest product range – the Lace Botanique series:

When it comes to staying power, lace proves its relevance with each passing season. From broderie anglaise to the romantic threadwork of the runways and laser-cut accessories, lace has been reinvented time and time again. Reworking the runway trend to jewellery, PANDORA’s Lace Botanique series reinterprets the botanical patterns of lacework.

An expert on fashion and beauty, Samantha’s articles cover a large part of what we are all about. We urge you to read the full blog post here.

Another awesome competition came on Wednesday, in the form of Dance Lesson giveaways! For those of you who were unaware, Life Retreat has a huge number of competitions still running (you can scroll through them all here) and this week was no exception.

group dance lesson
Valid Only During September!

EVERYONE who enters our newest competition during September will win free group dance lessons, so get your dancing shoes on and get involved! And of course stay tuned for even more competitions.

Trish wrote and published a brilliant article on Thursday, 8 Tips To Cure Problem Skin For Youngsters. In it, she details all the experiences of battling spots that he children went through, and used that experience to give 8 detailed tips to fend them off!

Vitamin B complex – which helps with preventing skin eruptions & blackheads and it can help to heal the skin (an added bonus is that the B vitamins are anti-aging).

Vitamin C, is an anti oxidant, and helps with collagen synthesis (Vit C has the added bonus of helping fight against colds on winter). Omega 3 oils, reduce inflammations, and keep skin supple.

Read the full article to discover all eight tips!

It was hard to choose a final post to include in this week’s top five as it’s been a very busy week, but we settled on the inspirational quote we posted yesterday that should help anyone with self-doubts:be yourself

See the full post here!

So that’s it for this Life Retreat’s weekly round-up this week. Catch up with us next Friday, or check in every day to see new blogs, competitions, thought pieces, fashion ranges and much, much more!

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