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As we move into Summer here in South Africa, Life Retreat has also been moving and growing. This week in our round up, new media pages, stunning give-aways, organic juice treats and much more.

Last week we launched a brand new section of Life Retreat, to let our audience know where they can find us in different media outlets nationally and internationally. “Where We Feature” will include interviews with the team, articles about Life Retreat and more. You can see the new section here. Look out for much more in the future!

On Friday we launched the latest competition and immediately we saw a huge response:

“Win this amazing package from The Tan Lab which includes: Hydration Lotion, Gradual Tan & Self tan (Specific to skin tone) to the value of R670!
Sunless tanning is one of the fastest growing treatments on offer. And it’s here to stay!”

You still have plenty of time to enter this fabulous competition, with the closing date on October 21st. You can do so by following simple steps here. Good luck!

One reason some people have a problem with energy drinks is that they are almost all filled with synthetic ingredients that can cause all sorts of health problems in the long term. Well now that’s changed, with the launch of Sheckters Organic Energy. On Monday Samantha posted a detailed article about the 100% natural energy drink and the various flavours:

I have been enjoying this refreshing, energetic, organic drink so much! They all taste absolutely amazing! Often in the late afternoon around 3 / 4pm i find i get so exhausted, my work quality is not 100% and i know there is no time for a nap, so these energy drinks have really given me life during that time of the day!

Life Retreat's
Organic Energy from Sheckters promises to change the way we see energy drinks / image: Life Retreat

You can see the full post here.

On Thursday Samantha gave us a number of reasons why we should be thinking about switching our skincare regimes in her article entitled “Reasons to switch to natural skincare – With the Victorian Garden:

“For a few years now i have come across so many articles about why you should start using ‘natural skincare’ products. I didn’t quite understand why, because the products i have been using all my life have been absolutely fine on my skin. What i did not realise, was the amount of chemicals we are not only putting on our skin, but inside our body’s!”

Life Retreat's
Victorian Garden products use entirely natural ingredients for better results on your skin / image: Life Retreat

If you want to read more about the Victorian Garden products, and why they are far superior for your skin than non-natural products, click here.

Juice Cleansing has become the trend of 2015, and Life Retreat were there at the start, but this week we posted an article entitled “10 Ways To Survive Your Juice Cleanse”. For all those who are relatively new to the juice cleansing craze, the article presents 10 things to remember while detoxing:

#6: Drink water between each juice
Gulp down at least one glass of water between each juice. Also, remember to drink eight glasses of water every day for three days before and after your cleanse.

#7: Adopt the right attitude
Keep positive and focus on what you want to achieve out of it. Keep your mind and body relaxed… Don’t stress!

You can see the full article (and we suggest you do read it before starting your cleanse) here.

Please share this article and comment in the section below. As always we will be back next time with a new round-up of competitions, products launches, lifestyle advice, tips and much more. We love to hear from you about anything, and we strive to respond to every single comment.

The Skinny Juices mentioned in the article can be found at our online store here.

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  1. Millie Avatar

    juice cleanse here we go for summer.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Good luck and thanks for the comment, Millie!

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