Living Water

Living Water

What do we mean by “Living Water”?

What is Hungry Water?

Why does the type of water you drink matter?

We all know that water is an absolute necessity in the survival of all life and this includes our bodies. Here is some interesting %’s that will shock you and assist you in truly understanding the importance of water:

Adult bodies are 72% Water

Living Water
Water in adult humans

Baby’s bodies consist of 90% water

Our entire water content in our bodies is recycled every 3 weeks; to do this we MUST consume over 1.5 Litres of water per day

Muscles that move our bodies are 75% in water content

Our Blood carries all nutrients we need and consists of 82% water

Our lungs provide life-giving oxygen 90% water content

Our Brains are our central control centres consisting of 76% water

Our bones are made up of 25% water

If we look at these wonderful % guidelines, it becomes abundantly clear that the amount and quality of water we consume is absolutely vital to our health and well-being.

Through hours of research, we have established, that dehydration of the body and the cells has been proven, scientifically, to contribute to our decline in health, increased pain and degenerative diseases.

And this can all be prevented and treated through

“Living Water”

A major researcher of 18 Years and Medical Doctor for 33 years, Dr F Batmanghelidj, has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that water, living water is “the new technology of healing” our bodies and assisting us in preventing most of the dis-eases we are experiencing in our lives.

He has proved to the medical mainstream that dehydration of our bodies and cells accounts for 80% of all disorders. After 33 years in practice, he has achieved remarkable results in the reversal of ailments, in healing and in maintaining wellness in the following diseases.

Blood pressure – High Blood cholesterol – Pain – Loss of weight –Regain youthful skin – Increase mental power and alertness – Stress-Free – Migraine headaches – Alzheimer’s – Heart Disease – Cures Asthma – Multiple Sclerosis – Heartburn – Arthritis – Back Pain – Angina – Colitis – Diabetes – Autoimmune Disorders.

Dr F Batmanghelidj also suggests that the medical profession is not able to permanently cure many painful/degenerative diseases – making deadly mistakes that add more pain and suffering.

The medical profession is constantly looking for more and stronger chemicals to assist in the battle against disease, ignoring the obvious that he himself has proven.

Living Water
Modern medicine often seeks to add more chemicals

He also states that results prove that the medical profession is trained to treat symptoms and signs only, and then only with chemicals.

He proved that the body produces histamines to show us pain. This is to show us that the body is in a state of dehydration. Medical professionals will use antihistamines to stop us from feeling this pain, so we ignore the signs of dehydration.

Hulda Clark from Cure and Prevention of all Cancers pg 53-73- shows that there are two types of water: one kind of drinking water is cancer/ disease causer and the other has the ability to heal.

So what is hungry water?

Hungry water is all water that has been through a process of treatment.

All the treated water in our taps is toxic. Why? Firstly all water is treated with aluminium to help filter the sediments out as it passes through sand beds.

Often these sand beds are so old and have not been recycled and refreshed in years. Then it is disinfected with Chlorine gas.

This gas bubbles through the water and produces an assortment of harmful and even carcinogenic chemicals. After this the water is stored in catchments where the level of the chlorine drops, so to compensate for this liquid chlorine- BLEACH – is added.

The bleach that was approved by the regulators was purely for water use and treatment and was 12%, double the strength, and comes in massive containers that are difficult to transport and use. The entire requirement for allowing bleach to be added to the public’s water was expected to lead to a carefully protected process of adding food-grade bleach to our drinking water. But it did the exact opposite.

Most of us believe bleach is bleach!


Advertising has blurred the lines between food grade and commercial grade. Even governments have not stipulated the quality grade of bleach that should be used in our water by municipalities and repair crews.

The bleaches we use to sanitize, clean drains, clean floors, to add to our water are not separated at all. Bleaches have changed so much in the last decade that they are no longer recognizable at all.

Whiteners and brighteners are dyes and heavy metals that have been added- called bluing which consists of cobalt and methylene blue.

All laundry versions have a huge assortment of heavy metals in them- barium: lead: lanthanum: nickel: cadmium: chromium: cobalt: ruthenium: and yttrium to mention only a few.

Living Water
Water in our homes runs through asbestos pipes

All South African water is still running through Asbestos pipes to our homes. And this is not all, we now have softeners added which contain plutonium and polonium as well. This is what we call


It is so dead that it has to suck out any form of mineral it can to survive, out of iron/copper and lead pipes and then our bodies.

It has no nutrient value at all so the only way it can function in your body is to hungrily suck all the nutrients out of blood, cells, bones, the supplements we take, and the food that we eat to live.

So it is obvious that LIVING WATER has all the required minerals and nutrients and is untreated with fluoride and bleaches. It is alive and living and feeds the body and cells. Hungry water is water that is so vigorously treated that it is actually dead water. It is a liquid but has no benefits to our bodies.

Water is the liquid gold of our future. We can either sit silently by and allow hungry, dead water to destroy our immune systems or we can take a stand to only consume “LIVING WATER” that will nourish and build strong healthy bodies.

We can decide to source the purest, cleanest untreated water to invest long-term into our children’s and our own futures.

But there is more! Water also has memory!

Living Water
Does water have memory?

Energized water is the nearest thing to cellular water, and its life-enhancing frequencies are gratefully absorbed by dehydrated and exhausted cells.

Dead water- distilled/filtered is laden with foreign substances and frequencies that leach from our systems. The molecules are chaotic and disorganised and clumped together, making them totally inefficient.

Energized- alive “wetter” water does the job of picking up and removing toxic material from our bodies.

It is structured more like a liquid crystal with smaller micro clusters and is more stable, thus it holds minerals and other necessary substances far better. So in a nutshell energized or programmed water is water that has no toxins and the memory of the toxins has been removed as well.

The energy frequencies are thus pure and we can now energize it with positive memory that has the ability to heal our beautiful bodies.

Drinking energized living water is possibly the single most effective way to boost your energy. It is an anti-oxidant par excellence, as it scavenges free radicals and replaces cellular water with real liquid crystal water which nourishes rather than starves the system.


To read more about water memory and living water, go here.

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