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Long Table 3

It is so easy to get sucked into life.  To get caught up in the day to day grind.  And before long, if you don’t keep an eye, you might find that because you got sucked in, it’s completely sucked your life dry.

So, why don’t you do something very special every so often?  Something out of the ordinary. Something frivolous and fun.   And something just for you, because you deserve it too.

What point is there in living otherwise you might ask?

As a bunch of good friends, we used to regularly indulge in stuff just for us.  Something unusual, slightly indulgent, awesome and fabulous.  But as our kids have gotten bigger, it’s somehow become more difficult not less.  Weekends away must be planned to not clash with tests and exams and the absolutely huge array of sports our kids indulge in too.

Us girls get together very often.  We do nights at the movies, the odd midweek supper out.  Girls meals at one another’s homes, the odd meet-up for coffee or tea, even breakfast too.  The challenge comes in arranging the men (who all happen to be friends) and the kids too.

But you know what?  You have to make these things happen.

Take the initiative.  And thus, two Sundays ago, we decided that it was time to treat us adults and rightly so.  Do we not work hard every day?  Jobs, homes, kids, running around too?

One friend bravely offered her home for all of the kids (about seventeen in total) for the duration of our outing.  Her domestic worker would be there to keep an eye, but our eldest kids are all fourteen and fifteen years old.  Hardly requiring babysitters at all.  Or perhaps now, they actually really do. They have a swimming pool, which whilst we were away would be unsupervised by a swimming-abled adult (I don’t think the domestic worker swims after all), yet the strongest swimmer of the lot, is my eight year old, Cole.

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And thus we set off in convoy, some even driving together, for the beautiful Stellenbosch winelands, just kilometres from our homes.  Our final destination?  A magnificent restaurant, simply called The Long Table.  Set in the very heartland of wine country, nestled in the vineyards of Dombeya farm.

The weather could not have been more spectacular.  The view incredible.  We sat at our aptly named long table with the mountains at our feet.  Beautiful big trees, dappled sunlight between the branches and leaves, a slight little breeze.  Perfection personified.

The setting truly is beyond compare.  But the glory did not just stop there.

We were a table of fourteen, with only one young waiter, yet he was brilliant.  I have gone to restaurants with a smaller number of guests, more waiters at our disposal, yet far worse service.  He was competent, friendly, professional, efficient, knowledgeable.  Not a single mistake did he make the whole afternoon.

The Long Table does not come cheap.  About that I cannot lie.  But every single thing about it is complete and utter class.  The atmosphere was relaxed and informal.  Elegant and unmarred by airs and graces.  Unpretentious.
Our table was in fine form, with lots and lots of laughter.  Everyone relaxed and in high spirits.

The menu is not particularly big.  In fact there selection is rather small.  But every single item on it sounds scrumptious.  And is.  If I had more time, more money and a bigger stomach, I would have thoroughly enjoyed working my way through more courses.

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Quite a few of us had starters, obviously everyone had a main and many had desserts too.  Every single one of us, bar none, was blown away by our meal.  Everyone was satisfied and more than happy.  The food was beautifully presented and tasted even better than it looked.

They had but a single draft on tap, but being a wine farm, their selection of wines is impressive to say the least.
I can highly recommend The Long Table to anyone.  It promises to be an enjoyable experience if you indulge.  Our whole afternoon – the food, the venue, the drinks, the weather, the company, the laughs – completely and utterly sublime

Long Table 1
Prawn Spring Roll – Starter
Long Table 3
The Gorgeous View
Long Table 4
Signature – Pecan Nut Praline Cheesecake


Going to a Restaurant, always remember to make memories:

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